Preparing Myself

Hey everyone. To those like me who have a flat chest and may still be single, my best friend said even though I’m single; I should try on some lingerie.

But I don’t know what kind from. any of the stores like Victoria Secret, La Senza, La Vie En Rose that would be best for my body type and chest size. Any tips, advice, thoughts, insights?

You don’t have to go to just try one. Try several, see what they suggest, and go with what you like best.

Yeah, and keep crushing boys hearts also.

I’m still single but whenever the date and time comes when one lucky and special guy knocks on my door, or walks up to me and talks to me, I’ll be ready! That’s all I’m gonna say. And once I enter a relationship with that lucky, special guy, I want the relationship to be serious yet take things slow and save sex for at least around the first year of dating!

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