Faking it till you make it?

Many people will tell you that smiling even a fake one is good because it helps boost and improve your mood. And in some beliefs and views, it’s accurate information and facts to believe.

But in other views and areas when it comes to smiling even when you don’t feel like it because you aren’t happy nor mentally healthy to smile because it’s not honest, faking till you make it to me and other reliable sources have been stated that this theory or method isn’t all that accurate nor that successful anymore with all that could make things worse with one’s mental and emotional health.

I’ve come to find that faking it as much as I did because I thought and was told I had to; was not good for me. Especially for the fact I did it so much. At many times in my past, I found myself believing the lies I was making. Most times often then not when I was asked the daily question: “how are you?” “How are you doing?” I found myself lying. I said I was okay or good but deep down, I was not one bit okay inside.

Art therapy can be great to heal a scarred and damaged brain. For anyone who went through traumatic, painful moments to suffering with mental illness and addiction, art therapy is great to express our thoughts, emotions and stories to help clarify and share our stories to help others understand what we went through. And the beauty that comes with art therapy is beyond amazing.

I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time and want to start creating my own art to help express myself more in a creative way aside from creative writing and all that I’ve worked on with my online blogs: WordPress, Medium, WattPad, Tumblr & Happier. I absolutely love expressing myself with words creatively with no shame (now that I’ve beat the shame society has put out in the open on mental illness). And I want to be more creative with art such as drawing and any other creative way I can find to express myself and share my stories with others.

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