Radiate Love

A mother should live the example they want in their children. They should accept, respect, understand and support whatever they want in their lives including who they choose to be.

They shouldn’t force or form their own children to be who they (parents) want them to be.

“Parents don’t love you more because you’re biologically theirs. I mean, your moms – they don’t love you because your easy to deal with or because you keep your mouth shut. They love you because you’re you.” – Rita

Parents want their children to succeed, to love themselves, to achieve their dreams and all they want out of their life and be happy being the person they wanna be; you gotta accept it and support them.

You are only responsible for your own life and your children’s; doesn’t make the cut. You can teach and inspire them all you want but you can’t force or demand any kind of change on them.

And if you give them advice, don’t expect them to follow yours. They may appreciate the help but they may have their own logic and inspiration. Don’t take it personally if they don’t, what they choose is what they would’ve done being who they choose to be.

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