Why You Shouldn’t Stop Writing

Reasons Behind Why I Love Writing Online: Journaling

I have to think about why I love to write on Medium and in a gratitude journal so much:

  1. The opportunity to say what’s on my mind, and not think about what others will think. Because to what all I’ve been through at my age (19) I don’t care what others think. Only what I think of myself and everything that I am passionate about and what makes me happy as a human being.
  2. It makes me happy
  3. It helps me ease the tension in my mind and body
  4. great way to write my thoughts in my Notes (iPhone) on things and personal goals for myself


Writing about what I think about…helps me learn things that aren’t easily noticed the first few times. But in the moment when writing about my thoughts, plans, hopes, dreams, etc; I feel so amazing and less heavy as years of thoughts can really weigh you down just as much as a bully does to their victims.

Number 1: opportunity to write what’s on my mind, without fear of judgments from others – it makes me feel free to say whatever I want without anything nor anyone holding me back from absolutely anything in the world. So many years worth of thoughts finally, I had come to realize it was my time to bring them to light.

“This course has taught me that there’s good in everyone and everything. Including the bad horrible days. There is always something to be thankful for.” – Carol, Happier Member

Number 2: happiness – releasing my thoughts makes me happy as for I have finally found enough courage and confidence to let it out whether it’s on paper, on an online gratitude journal or any social media sites like Medium, Happier & Tumblr. Where anyone is free to post anything: about their life, dreams, hopes, events, even their mental health issues, and much more.

Number 3: ease tension in mind & body – at moments, there’s a lot of emotion inside desperately wanting to come out but the logical and wise thing to do is listen to music and take some time to myself to think it all through and possibly write it down (in my Notes app on my iPhone) then when I feel ready, I can go back to properly react to the situation at hand.

“If you think logically, your gonna lose the creative arts!” ~ Topanga Mathews

Number 4: great way to write my thoughts in my Notes (iPhone) on things and personal goals for myself – jot down, make notes and write some thoughts that are saved for planning amazing ideas for both the world’s future and my own (personal goals, etc.)

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