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To me, inspiring others has been a huge passion and hobby of mine since I first started inspiring others through my old blog on Tumblr (laura1646). I started inspiring others with my blog around September of 2014 during my first semester of college.

But when 2nd semester came around, I became depressed deeply and started posting numerous posts per day all relating to my experiences with mental illness and received many notes: likes and reblogs from them. Other than that, I really did get something really great from my Tumblr blog which I had active from grade 10 of high school up until April 29th, 2015 all for a personal reason.

My purpose: it wasn’t until May of 2010 when I was in grade 8, where I heard about the earthquake in Haiti. And around that time, I was in the beginning of the process of picking a country to research for my geography project. And some were okay but nothing seemed all that interesting or fascinated with.

Then I thought about the earthquake in Haiti, even though it wasn’t on the list. I decided to ask my teacher if I could research Haiti for the project and she approved. So I did all my research and became more fascinated with the facts, information and more about Haiti. And then it came to me that I wanted to do my own thing to help solve world issues like what Haiti went through that year.

And so time passed and within the first two weeks of September of my 2nd year of high school (grade 10), I rejoined GREEN club for the 2nd year and was told about WE Day as well as hearing about Craig Kielburger from my supply civics teacher that semester. After hearing the facts shared in the club meeting and the opportunity to attend the We Day event near the end of the month, I got excited, mentioned it to my parents and payed the fee.

September 27th, came around and got excited. Got ready that early morning, left the house and met the rest of the group members outside the school. Got on the fancy “Go” bus and was on our way to the Toronto, Air Canada Centre. We get there after the slow traffic getting there, and find our seats after being a few minutes after 9:00am when it was scheduled to start.

As the time passed throughout the event, I came to learn so much about Craig & Marc Kielburger other than what I learned from my supply civics teacher. I had a great thought of doing something around the things they inspire at We Day. And ever since those two important events of my life, I’ve had my life purpose for about almost 6 years.

“All relationships have one law: never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you’re there.” ~ Unknown

Since those two events, it’s been a huge thing that I work on as part of my hobby of inspiring others and as one of my passions. It not only gives me purpose but gives me a sense of contributing something more than expected of society to create and achieve in all of reality.

I’ve had so many amazingly awesome and inspiring dreams of all the kinds of things I can achieve and create that all contributes to both my passion of inspiring others and my purpose of achieving social change in many areas in which are a surprise of the plans I have. But what I won’t keep secret is a few things that I believe in strongly enough, I’d go all the way to fight for it.

One of them being mental health. I’ve come to analyze and realize that with all that has come back to me in full clear memory that I was mentally ill way before I even knew at first. After waiting long enough for my official mental health diagnosis given on October 4th, 2016 with severe depression; it’s been a good portion of what brought me to advocating for mental health. The rest is well how it makes me feel, that feeling of purpose and meaning.

Mental illness is everywhere. And no one can nor should deny or disagree that mental illness and mental health is part of our reality and our world and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that!

“Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be!” ~ Carry Bradshaw
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