Sick & Tired…

Labels! We all have them. We all see them around the world through many lenses throughout our lifetime and not everyone not only realises that it’s bad but also to do something to fix it.

I’m sick and tired of being labeled so many things in life. And throughout my past life, I’ve agreed, understood and accepted the labels I was given. And it wasn’t till a month ago, it came to me that I shouldn’t let their labels of myself dictate what I think of myself. Giving in, that pressure. Pressures to be perfect. Well life isn’t perfect, and nor are people no matter who you are.

Stigma – it’s our time to not only bring the awareness of mental illness but also share our stories to inspire others to do the same and the remaining reasons behind why many others share theirs.

Mental health is so important just like physical health and not everyone in the world knows that or is able to understand that and participate in helping us end this nasty, yet deadly stigma!