Stand Up For Yourself

Stand up for Mental Health

Life is hard, I’ve been through a lot! I’ve had quite a few hardships with both myself and my best friend as well as my family. When I was having my hardships with my best friend those three times, my parents weren’t thinking positively.

They viewed it as Courtney not taking time to spend with me, as a priority. But as she told me during our hardship during my birthday; that it’s a priority to live.

There are things she is already paying for. Her phone bill, car insurance, gas, food and other things I believe to help support her family as for her mother is taking meds for the rest of her life for her lungs were only functioning 8% sometime last year. I totally agree and on her side on that statement.

I know life is hard and sometimes unfair and we all have to accept that at some time. But when those you need to be given the right and positive support to someone who’s sensitive and going through hardships and needs it.

She doesn’t need to be mentally beaten up by her own parents and sister. It was the truth decision to tell Courtney that my parents said to me that they wish I never met Courtney and that they wish she stayed in New Brunswick when she moved.

It hurt me and the right thing to do is tell your best friend regardless if it’s about them. One important thing about friendships yet overall relationships is honesty.