Staying Strong

By: Demi Lovato

Being strong can be many different definitions to each individual person. We all do and some may not always particularly be correct and it takes time for those people to come to acceptance to the corrections of their own beliefs. But it is possible and is the right and good thing to follow, believe and be!

Be strong and life will reward you in time as long as you put in the work. Trust me like all others who stand by this, do it and work hard and everything else will fall into place and will be better than they are. Just remember and remind yourself that you must put in the necessary work regardless of what you believe or feel in your side.

But you always feel better when you’re brave! ~ Alba Villanueva

I’ve been thinking about writing a bunch of insightful, inspiring, encouraging posts, tweets and other social media stuff on my accounts (Happier, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, WattPad, Wordpress and others) of all that I’ve learned through my recovery with my mental health.

Overall all the things I learned to the resources I used, followed, lived (and still continue to today and forever), and everything else in between that I’ve used that now forms all the little and big parts of the person that I have truly worked so hard with recreating/discovering and rebuilding!

I know you all have seen all my great accomplishments since I started using this useful app that offers so much of what everyone needs. And I’m ever so truly grateful for all Happier has done for me. To the little and big inspirational quotes, comments, reccomendations of videos, books, authors, etc to guidance, support, great memories, meeting such a great happy people here in the happier community and so much more!

Thank you! I’ll always continue to keep you all posted on my recovery stages, plans, achievements, and overall all the kinds of things I’ve shared previously in the past 5!

Speak for yourself no matter who says otherwise!

“God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer”

We all have thing we choose to keep hidden because of the cost of being vulnerable and the possibility of getting hurt. But regardless of how scared we are, we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Because the experience is what is good for us and as long as we allow ourselves to experience and to learn from them.

Let yourself out for others to meet and to get to know. Let your guard down. No matter what you’ve been through, give yourself enough time and when the time is right, let it down and hold yourself back from rising your guard again.

Kyle: At the Institute they always say, life is a living thing.

Megan. Life is a living thing.

Kyle: What it means is life is constantly changing, moment to moment.

Real beauty normally comes from inside. It’s the brain where we choose what kind of beauty we want to show ourself. Our brain is where we have the choice and control of what we end up choosing.

That place is also where two things can happen: giving in and listening to what society wants you to be and how to love your life in order to be accepted by them. And then there’s being yourself regardless of that and accepting yourself! Which one will you choose?

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