Suicide, As #1 Cause Of Non-Accidental Death

Let’s lower this number by raising awareness daily, promoting positive mental health, educating others…

I think you’re ready to get the help you rightfully need and deserve. I mean, you came to me for some help and I’m pretty much going to tell you and give you advice that personally, saved my life and I hope it saves your too- or at least helps you.

Please don’t say goodbye darling, you can’t give up, you shouldn’t give up, you’re not going to give up. You’re strong and you’re capable of keeping going. You’re able to keep swimming because God never gives anyone anything they can’t handle. You’re going to have ups and downs, good times and bad times. But you know what? it all gets better and there are so many people who love and care about you. Please, don’t give up. Keep fighting, You can win this battle.

I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve been there where I’m wanting to say goodbye and just end it all. But i can’t because I was put on this earth for many, many reasons. Just like you. You are worthy of getting help, you are worthy of getting better. Have hope <3

Can you do something for me? Watch the video below? Its not a long video but its a meaningful video that saved my life. When you watch the video please please think about what they are saying and take into thought that it really really does get better. I can PROMISE you that.

Suicide prevention

When you’ve watched the entire video, I want you to think about what they said, take into thought that you are loved and cared about. The world wouldn’t be the same without you. I can promise you that people out there want to help you, they want to be there for you and they want to see your thrive.

I think that it would really help you to talk to someone about how you are feeling and what is going on. I suggest speaking to your parents and let them know exactly what is going on and how you are feeling, If you can’t bring yourself to speak to your parents, I highly suggest checking into my Web councilors page. There you can talk to many different people, live and they are there for you and they want to help you.

I understand that reaching out for help isn’t the easiest thing, it can be quit hard to speak up and ask for help. But I want you to imagine something for me:

You’re 65 years old, you come to a picture that you drew when you were younger, You begin to think back on you life, you had a wonderful life and you still are. You think back when you were not feeling so good, you think back to that time where you didn’t want to live anymore, you are feeling sad and don’t know what to do anymore.

But then, you begin to think about all the things you have done in your life, all those people you made smile, all those times that you helped someone. You think about that time where you spoke up for help, you talked to someone you trust about what was going on and how you were feeling, you began to feel better, you began to understand more about what was really going on.

Just as you were thinking about that, someone walks into the room that you were sitting in, they look at you and say something that makes you stop in your tracks, they speak softly into your ear and told you that they are so happy that they met you, they are so happy that you’re alive and breathing.

You begin to think to yourself and you come up with something, you now know that your life is worth living and you are worth something. You looked back on your life and you said those 3 words that you thought you’d never say.. “I made it.”

Killing yourself will not help. It is not a solution.For whatever reason you are thinking about killing yourself, it is temporary and you can get help.

I know you probably think no one cares, you think you can’t handle the situation you are in or you feel helpless and alone.

But I want to remind you everything is temporary.

You have your whole life ahead of you. You have so many more years that you can accomplish things in.

For example;

  • Having a family.
  • Getting married.
  • To watch the sun rise.
  • To watch the sun set.
  • To save someone else’s life.
  • Finish school.
  • Get your dream job.
  • To laugh.
  • To smile.
  • To go camping.
  • Travel to new places.
  • To wake up every morning to the person you love.
  • Friends.
  • Family.
  • To keep that promise you made.
  • To accomplish a goal.
  • To meet your idle.
  • To listen to new music.
  • Theme parks.
  • Video games.
  • Chocolate.
  • To be able to look back and say “I made it”.
Just a reminder; what you are going through is temporary.

Look at this right here:

That’s the stigma, because, unfortunately, we live in a world where if you break your arm, everyone runs over to sign your cast, but if you tell people you’re depressed, everyone runs the other way. That’s the stigma. We are so, so, so accepting of any body part breaking down, other than our brains. And that’s ignorance. That’s pure ignorance. And that ignorance has created a world that doesn’t understand depression, that doesn’t understand mental health.

In case you need to hear this:

  • You are loved.
  • You are wanted.
  • You are needed.
  • You are beautiful.
  • You are handsome.
  • You are important.
  • You are not alone.
  • You are okay.
  • You are strong.
  • You are worth it.
  • You are smart.
  • You are not a failure.
  • You are useful.
  • You are going to be okay.

This is one thing that sucks about bullying overall! All the things tied with bullying, triggers negative, harmful, and suicidal thoughts!

New Thoughts

Thinking back to when I was depressed and also in recovery, I had thoughts that “what if I died? What if I killed myself?” And thinking of what kept me alive. And also for the fact that I’m still alive and the fact that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for many certain things. Through it all, I’m grateful for it all.

Most importantly my existence on earth. Because of all that happened in the past 2 years have helped me, taught me valuable life lessons and new knowledge on how to take better care of my mental health. Knowing the right an wrong ways to treat and care for my mental health.

Let’s end the stigma to end all shame and stigma in all societies.