Taking Control

Throughout my whole life, I’ve never took care of myself like I have been for quite a few months now, and never knew anything about mental health. Only physical health: diet and exercise. But after all I went through with my mental health, it has taught me a lot that I can continue to use and practice for the rest of my life. Even though my relationship with my parents is still quite the same as always, but plan to have a good and long meaningful chat with them before this week ends and before starting the two courses to complete the office admin program and graduate from. I’ve been having many insightful, meaningful, inspiring, encouraging, positive, happy, confident, calming and uplifting thoughts still and plan to use them when having a talk with my parents. But plan to make a list of particular things that I plan to cover to make sure I don’t leave out anything that I need to talk and discuss with them.

And to end here, I am doing this for myself and because I want to make my own decisions and actions myself as I am an adult (almost 20) and want to make wise, and adult-like decisions to also show/prove to my parents that I am growing up a lot more and that I’m taking my own responsibility and much more with my life lately and I want to make that very clear to them! This is my life, I want them to accept, respect, understand and support me being who I want to be, doing what makes me happy (life purpose, passions, etc) being creative (living a creative life) and everything else I want from them to come out of the talk and discussion. One decision I have already made on my own: was signing myself up for “Taking Control” group to help me which I have always believed and intended I would make for myself. I believe that this group is something that I will benefit from greatly! It’s from October 6-November 24 every Thursday 3–4:30pm). What do you all think of all I’ve had to say here?