We Are All As Fucked Up & As Broken In Some Way

There’s Nothing Wrong With That: Someone Out There Wants To Be With You Regardless

We all are messed up with many different pasts that can destroy us in ways that can be more than challenging enough to recreate and to heal from. It can make us feel like damaged goods and that no one would wanna be with us nor spend time with someone like that.

Who’s damaged on any level or form, you couldn’t expect anyone like that to not think these kind of thoughts. But you know how we can change this course of thinking? Our brain! That’s how! Our brain is more powerful than you may lead to.

Instead of saying “I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues” say “I’m healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over. Positive self talk. ~ Horacio Jones

Self care and self love is not selfish at all. I wish my parents understood what wrong they are doing. How they refuse or don’t realize what they aren’t seeing in the picture. They aren’t seeing the whole picture is one part of the problem. The other part is working on seeing the picture as a whole including my side and to fully and mindfully listen to my side of the story regardless of any thoughts or judgments they have.

They tried once to hear me out, they didn’t like my perspective and refuse to try again because of how much they disagree towards my perspective and my story because they are choosing to stick to their side of the story. See this problem here? This is only one of many problems I have here with the relationships with my family.

There’s so much that we take in each day and it can be hard not to believe everything we hear. It can be hard not to but you know what is scarier than this? Regret! It would be better to try no matter how hard it may be and do what you would’ve done to prevent regret.

It’s not easy nor all that simple to do, but it takes everything you’ve got!

Mental illness & Creativity

I sincerely love how creativity and mental health link together in their own amazing ways. Expressing onself through art in mental illness recovery as a tool is such a great way to heal. I for one am a huge fan of creativity and intend to use creativity in as much of my everyday lifestyle in my routine.

If you think logically, your gonna lose the creative arts. – Topanga Mathews – and so logical thinking may be good and crucially important in life but using that kind of thinking doesn’t solve all the world’s problems.

As Albert Einstein quoted: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” So I believe that we should put creativity into our daily yet busy lives to contribute in solving more problems and more success than logical ever has.

Damaged goods: many of us can feel this way!