What was the best decision of you life?

Real change happens within oneself – YOU

The best decision in my life was staying by my own values, beliefs, priorities and other important things of real importance to me regardless of how hard and yet challenging my parents and others try to get me on their side and basically not being true to myself, becoming someone I never intended of being, therefor not being happy, confident, content and comfortable and accepting of myself; appearance, personality and all!

Magic and romance ignite a relationship, but it’s the friendship that makes it. It’s the friendship that turns the happily ever after to the beginning of a love story and not the ending. The beginning is the exciting part, but it’s the rest of the story that’s the true part. – Merry Kissmas

I need a love that deepens, and grows each day with a partner who respects me, inspires me as much as I’d inspire him. ~ Merry Kissmass


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The Fosters

Every kid says mean things to their parents.

You can’t be afraid to speak up, we all mess up even. I get it, we’re all the same. Every foster kid think we’re not allowed to say what we need or to stand up for ourselves. But we have to.

(3 min 15 sec left) “Daughters”

We can’t be afraid to speak up, stand up for ourselves when things don’t go the right way. We need to speak up if we want to see better change in the world and in our lives.

My Life Goal

Watching season 3 of “The Fosters” seeing Sophie with personality disorder, Chloe (Rita’s daughter) with bipolar Axis 1 disorder (also…


9 minutes ~ 4 minutes – “Lucky”

“When your lucky, it is your job to give something back. And when you see something wrong, to stand up and to say so. I’m not gonna apologize for standing up. Somebody has to.” – Callie

Don’t go blowing something up that could be great just because you’re scared. – Rita

Unfortunately, justice is not always served in this world. – that doesn’t mean nothing can be done about this. About justice being served in our world. Nothing is impossible and yeah: I get things are bad. But what are we doing to fix it? Quoted by Tomorrowland.

We can’t risk making things harder for ourselves. – so what. That shouldn’t be a good enough reason to not share our stories. Our stories is one way to inspire the world of great things that come from the negative and bad stories. No matter what risks it involves in taking or what someone could lose, tell your story. It will be worth it and you won’t lose anything, except for gaining so much more than you may even think.

“Parents don’t love you more because you’re biologically theirs. I mean, your moms – they don’t love you because your easy to deal with or because you keep your mouth shut. They love you because you’re you.” – Rita

I just always expect you to do the right thing because you just – you always do.

You’ve always been so warm and welcoming to all the kids that we’ve brought in this house, it just never occurred to me that you might not actually be okay.

I think we’re all capable of doing things that we never thought we’d do. – that doesn’t mean that we can’t prevent the things that we don’t think we’d be capable of. Nothing is impossible and never say never. It’s better to try than to never try at all.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to tell my story. So my little brother and I have been in seven different foster homes. And in one home, I was raped by an older foster brother, Liam Olmstead. And then there was this other home and we had his foster dad – Jim Pearson. And one day he was beating my little brother so bad, I had to take a baseball bat to his car to get him to stop. Nothing happened to him. I went to juvie. After that, I ended up in a safe, loving foster home. And my foster moms adopted my little brother, but the judges wouldn’t allow them to adopt me. And the same judge, Judge Jeffrey Ringer, continues to block my adoption without considering what I want. And that is what is wrong with the system.” – Callie

“We foster kids have no control of our own lives and it’s our time to speak up and we start calling people out by name. That is the only way that things will change. And we cannot be afraid. And that is why I’m telling my story and I really hope that you’ll tell yours.” – Callie

Judge Jeffrey Ringer: You said I was making these decisions about your life without any consideration of what you wanted.

Callie: Because that’s how it felt. The system is broken, sir, badly. And the only people who really understand just how bad are the ones without any say, without my voice. Somebody has got to speak up.

Judge Jeffrey Ringer: And that someone is going to be you, is it?

Callie: Yes. I’m one of the lucky ones. You know, I …found an amazing family, and I’m finally safe and loved, like, really, truly loved. And one of the things I’ve learned from my moms, from watching the way they’ve lived their lives, is that when your lucky, it is your job to give something back. And when you see something wrong, to stand up and to say so. So, I’m really sorry if I offended you. It was not my intention. I’m not gonna apologize for standing up. Somebody has to.

Judge Jeffrey Ringer: Well I wish it weren’t the case…but there’s a lot of truth in what your saying. It’s not secret the system is failing a lot of kids, and that someone needs to do something about it. I’m proud of you for being that person.

Love can drown every bad day.

It’s not where you come from, it’s where you belong/Nothing I would trade, I wouldn’t have it any other way. – Keri Kimmel

So many people wonder why I can’t hear them: they think it’s possibly p, but most likely selective hearing. The rest of the time, they view me as antisocial, rude, the most selfish person they’ve ever met. And the truth is that all the voices attached to my depression are so loud, they block out evrrryome else’s. those who say things that are labelled as effects or examples of the stigma associated with mental illness overall the whole mental health system and epidemic.

No matter how many times I try to get them to educate themselves by educating them and allbelse to help them do their part in contributing to breaking the stigma around thus epidemic, nothing positive comes from it. I’ve learned also that we can’t tfrce any change on the rest of society particularly with viewing mental health.

All we can do is try to educate them, the rest is allon thrm. They are the ones that have to take their own initiative to take actions on the numerous attempts we tried with educating them on something they aren’t. viewing and treating right and need the proper education and further response and actions. Then when they take that first step, we can then continue our job here with fixing the mental health system and educate them on a further level and help them by giving them tips, suggestions, advice on how they can support us with our mental condition.

Other that what I’ve just covered here, till our loved ones, friends, and other acquaintances take their necessary steps here, we need to focus on taking care of ourselves, and also take a break from trying to force any positive change on others who aren’t viewing and treating the mental health system properly as for its a waste of our time and our voice.

Save our voice to speak up to those who are willing to change their views, beliefs, actions overall what our world and society has become and willing to take their actions on their part with contributing to breaking the stigma around mental health.

In conclusion here, take care of yourself and do all you can to educate yourself on anything you aren’t educated on in the mental health subject that is crucially important and helpful with caring for yourself not just physically but more on the mental and emotional side of our health.

You matter, we all matter regardless of want anyone or any stigma tries to convince you. Do all you need to do to care for your own emotional and mental health.

Taking care of our own selves mental health wise and talking openly about mental health is not and nor should be viewed as selfish, attention seeking, or any other label created by the stigma and discrimination around mental health.

The Voices Of Depression And Anxiety Only I Can Hear

Laura, we all make numerous decisions in life, some good, some bad, but these decisions that you made were amazing. They helped you grow and become a better person. They helped you move forward in life and in the end that is all there there is to it. Share this with your friends and let them know the best decisions that you made in life.