Who Am I & What’s My Purpose

A mental health advocate, recovering from depression relapse #imnotashamed #sicknotweak #mentalhealthmatters #BellLetsTalk

It all started when I created my first Tumblr blog account with some help by my younger sister, Emily and her friend Ally back in high school. At first we just made the title of my blog: “be yourself, everyone else is already taken” and then I only logged on a couple times at least after that day. Then a few years later, I was able to either remember my password or I changed it; it was in September 2014, the beginning of my one year at Conestoga College where I attended for the office administration program.

It was that first month where I found myself turning that Tumblr blog into something I never expected nor saw coming. I turned my blog into an inspirational gift. It was a gift that I had that was using through my blog on Tumblr. Before it was deleted as of April 29th, 2015 (for personal reasons) I had about 400 followers which wasn’t as high as I wanted it to be. But the fact that mattered here is that I had 400 followers, I appreciated that and didn’t feel any emotion or feeling or wanting or wishing my blog was popular.

On that note, for probably as long as I’ve been using social media, my family or to say my younger sister gave me her advice or tips that I need to post better posts on my Instagram and others because the kinds of posts I was posting wasn’t well what anyone would post and due to the lack of followers and likes. Which with enough time, I gave it the power to affect my self esteem. I let the lack of followers and the lack of high amounts of likes on each of my posts affect my mood, mental health and my day. It made me feel less than, unworthy, not good enough. Not talented enough; you get the picture here.

What you give power to, has power over you.

Though since then, after coming home from college and after my inspirational blog was deleted, as of June 25th, 2015 I made a new blog on Tumblr as for I was missing having a blog on Tumblr and all my followers. Though throughout the times of owning a new blog on Tumblr, hasn’t been any bit the same as when it was when I had previously owned my original blog (Laura1646), minus the few followers that followed me who had followed my original blog. Which I had connected with by message through Tumblr that I had a personal reason for deleting my blog but told them that I’m back but with a new blog, sadly.

Throughout the time after that day my blog was deleted, I found myself struggling, missing and wishing my blog was still active. I had thoughts of the possibility that I could re-activate my blog but there’s proof out on the Tumblr “help” page that states once a blog has been deleted on Tumblr, it cannot be re-activated. Which felt to me as a huge bummer as what more I could’ve done with my blog that I turned into an inspirational guide. Which while it was active I had received enough comments, replies, and reblogs from my followers felt about my blog; how it has helped them in times of need, in areas where they needed help, guidance, and much more. Just like the screenshot of one above here.

A couple other comments that I can remember stated that my blog is inspirational and related, uplifting and encouraging. And other comments to which I could never forget or take for granted. Though that blog has been gone and has no way of bringing it back, I have a new blog on Tumblr though I haven’t been posting the kinds of posts that I had while my first original blog was active. Though I wish I had screenshots or saved them on my iPod, iPhone or laptop to look back on and maybe even repost on my new blog I made in June 2015. If anyone who followed my blog (Laura1646) has taken any screenshots or saved the posts anywhere, could you please send them to my email: laurenannabelle@hotmail.com. Thank you!

Lastly, I want to end this post with saying that even though my blog (Laura1646) is gone for good, there are other good things to focus on. Even though its gone, I did make a great impact on enough lives during the time I had been inspiring others with the blog until it was deleted for good. And greater things can come from this, like lessons to learn from each moment and experience.

It’s such a great benefit with creating anything and everything in which can really do great things. Those things in which can be fun by creating it, being creative and optimistic!

Having both creativity and optimism can really benefit enough in our lives. Aside from emotional intelligence, ethics and all else.

I want to remind you who I want to be.

To show you why I haven’t become her yet. You’ve held her back for some many times and this is the time where I want to make this happen because I’ve meaning to become “this” girl yet you seem to give me reasons not to, for some reason.

It’s knowing yourself and proving what your worth.

So I know exactly who I am?

No! I’m still discovering new talents, skills, facts & characteristics about my new self. I’m still learning new things about myself and new things in the world that I don’t already know.

Anyone can message me or post here for any sort of advice or inspiration anyone needs! Also feel free to check out my Tumblr blog: “hopelessromanticbelieber”!

Changing the world is my main purpose in life and inspiring people is one of the ways that I plan on doing so! And I plan to turn it into a job someday! I really hope that everyone here, not just you all, but my friends and family respect and support that! I’m done college now and now I’m trying to figure out my next move in making my purpose really come to life!

With every big decision, comes an equally important share of the risk!

Please feel free to spread the word to anyone you know who is in need of se inspiration or advice on anything or anyone who wants any. To tell them to join my group here (if they have Facebook) and to follow me on Tumblr! Message on either for any help nessesary! Want to make this group a popular thing to go to when in need of lifting or inspiration from someone like myself.

Fear doesn’t shut you down, it wakes you up. That’s what makes you dangerous.

Divergent’s threatened the system! It won’t be safe until their removed.

  • We have to be ready for anything.
  • We have to fight back.

The world is changing. And you’ll have to decide who your loyal to.

Our able to control and conquer your fears. You can’t fit into a category. They can’t control you. All my life, I’ve lived by your rules, not anymore!

Romance? I am a “hopeless romantic” and I love all the things both big and small when it comes to love! I have never been in love with a guy before but still have faith that he’s out there.

Justin Bieber Believe | trailer US (2013) this is something so incredible it makes me cry of joy, happiness for who was created! And what he created himself! Unbelievable, inspiring, positive, beautiful and just truly an amazing person that was born on our home planet!

Life passion & purpose

Inspired Series

Is it possible for these kids to truly break the cycle from their past? Yes

It’s your ability who has the ability to forgive, to forget. It’s just depends on you!

They’ve been through much in their past and you can take that apply it to their future. It’s like not necessarily the negative piece but because they’ve been through so many obstacles, these obstacles are nothing to them.

You give them a little faith, and they start to open up and then you give them a lot of faith, and they just soar.

Spending time with friends makes me happier! I can be myself when with my best friend. I can tell her anything without any judgements! Like others who don’t always take me seriously, or those who judge me too easily with the things I say! My best friend is one of many ways for my therapy! She makes me stronger! She makes me feel my strongest, my goofiest! And I’m so proud to have her by my side, every single day of our lives!

Been together for 13 years and more amazing to come with each other! Our friendship is so strong, we haven’t had a single fight nor would ever about anything with each other. She is my magic! She changed my life when we met and same with me to her! We love each other, have been for more than a year. Having a best friend like her is such a pleasure to have and I am so lucky to have her, not just as my best friend, but also as my long lost sister! Family! What we have is priceless!

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