You are worthy of love, affection & belonging!

Self Worth

Mental health has been a huge part of my life even before I became aware of it myself and since that awareness up to today; I’ve become a better human being, achieved a lot with my recovering from my mental health condition, learned and gained a lot of insights, knowledge and much more.

Through it all, this is definitely something to consider of my 2nd career to research a little bit then and there while finishing the last course to complete the office admin, general program at Conestoga. Can pursue office admin assistant jobs in the meantime but also continue researching all I need to know on other possible careers that have become fascinating to me: one being in the mental health area.

I really do think that with all that I’ve been through with my mental health and all that I’ve gained from educating myself on the epidemic and topic and everything I’ve gained from experiences with it, makes so much more sense and would make me happy, confident gives me much purpose pursuing a career in helping others suffering and living with mental illness as for I’ve been there too.

In which I can use all my past experiences, lessons, knowledge, insights that I’ve gained to help them for it will help them. I’ve learned so much in my long journey with my recovery and feels right using that to help others.

Just like a girl that I follow on Tumblr: selfcareposters (in link below) that has suffered with depression and has used her own creativity of making posters to help herself with recovering from her own depression and others too, and is now currently studying in school in Clinical Mental Health. Her posters have really helped me in my recovery and will continue to as much as it has helped many of her other fans like me too.

I found myself thinking about this during and after my massage today. Along with thinking about all that I’ve accomplished with my mental health, overall being ever so proud of myself for.

We are all worthy of love, affection and belonging.

You have to have a healthy and positive relationship with yourself (falling in love with yourself) before you can fully let yourself out there in the dating world. Before you can love someone else. To know how exactly to love your future partner along with all the other things that make up a long term, healthy and positive relationship between you and your partner. Like you loving yourself, you take care of yourself, talk to yourself positively, etc.

For me with where I’m at with my life and everything, I believe that I’m fully ready to be in a relationship. I’ve become more loving within myself. Self love, self care, self worth, self confidence, self compassion and everything else in mental health and all that’s important to accomplish to be ready to go out on dates and be in a serious long term relationship particularly for me.

I’m going out for dinner tonight with my best friend, Courtney at The Keg in Oakville and then movies (at the Oakville, Winston Churchill movie theatre) to see “Keeping Up With The Jones” hoping for the 10:30pm show.

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