Being a seller online to sell virtually with shipping and in person; you’ll always come across those ignorant, disrespectful, immature and emotional people when communicating with any buyers through any buy/sell platforms.

I have one example (with names blacked out) of one guy letting his emotions drive him and make…

Communication is something that is vitally important in any relationship, plus honesty, reliability & trust. And here I’m gonna share my own examples, loved experiences and analysis based on how I’ve seen other people/citizens communicate in different situations and environments.

One example I have on the top of my mind…

Well hello there. How are you doing? Don’t answer ther, it’s rhetorical. Anyways I’m here writing to cover my thoughts, beliefs of this pandemic. Are you ready?

Before this pandemic began in early 2020, what were we all doing? What habits had we been practicing that could/would’ve lead us to…

View this video to learn something so real

When it comes to these situations, it’s hard to even imagine what it’s like living in to specific type of living circumstance. But it’s hard to imagine what it’s like living a “normal” life without this circumstance coming from the person with the abusive circumstance.

For those who don’t have this type of circumstance, this video is for you to watch. It doesn’t show the basic level things any abuser would do but it’s a little example. And luckily the girl wrote a note (while having the boyfriend distracted) that she got seen by both the waitress & the waiter.

What thoughts have come to your mind now after this video?

Laura Annabelle

I’m just a young adult trying to figure out how to live her new adult life.

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