Private beta results and multiple events coming on!

Welcome to another Development Update for Pushy and Pully in Blockland. In this update I’d like to talk about the different events that have happened on this time.

Let’s start talking about some results of the Private beta that we were held at the beginning of August.

Private Beta Results

As many of you already know there was a private beta held on August 2nd till 4th. Players were so enthusiast that we had to give one extra day of play, finishing it on August 5th.

There was a contest going on: the one with…

Pushy and Pully in Blockland private beta will happen from August 2nd till 4th. Participate and get the highest score to win an exclusive T-shirt!

The private beta will be in Steam, wishlist us!

The next Pushy and Pully in Blockland private beta is happening soon!

Join the private beta from August 2nd till August 4th! You will be able to try the complete first world of the game including 10 handcrafted levels with different enemies and a boss fight at the end. During those days you can play as much as you want to try and get the best score possible. …

A lot of quality of life changes. We are runner ups to the Indie Prize 2019 and we finally have the Steam Page online!

Welcome to another development update. This time we have been working hard in having a pretty stable game and showcasing at events. Let me show you what we have been doing in a bit more of detail!

Game over screen

We have implemented a dynamic Game Over screen. If you get killed and you don’t have any lives left you will see this screen:

Game Over screen

Monsters will change depending on the world you were killed at. There will be a continue option there in the future as well.

Purple wheel warning sound

We have noticed that the purple wheel is funny but you usually don’t see it coming…

Time to showcase the game in events around Europe!

It really has been a long long time without any updates. This is because I’ve been extremely busy with a lot of business-related things and events going on.

The development is still going on but this time has been a bit slower due to those. Most of the improvements have been quality of life aditions or bug fixes.

So what have we been doing in all this time then?

In between worlds animation

We have been working hard to have the first world completely finished. And now that it is, it is time to implement…

Polishing the first world with bugfixes and animations!

Hi everyone! It again took long to write an update, sorry for this. I am very very busy working in the game as well as doing business stuff and it’s getting difficult to update as often as I used to. But of course the game development continues! Here is what we’ve been working on since the last update.

Death animations

One of the things that was confusing for a lot of people were that there was no death animation. For the normal monsters this was not a big issue since you could see that…

We keep going with the development of the game: new power ups implemented, hi-score table, new tutorial screen and more!

Power ups in action

I talked about the new power ups in the last development update. By then there was only design but now we finally have them in place.

Here is the diamond item:

Pushy getting a score boost

As you can see the diamond will appear if you do match 3 with the pink blocks. The diamond will help you achieve hi-score since it gives you a lot of points! …

Pushy, Pully and all of us at Resistance Studio would like to wish you a Merry Christmas 🎄

We are going to take a deserved rest and we’ll continue with the updates after this holiday.

Have a great time with your loved ones!

We continue with the second world of the game. We have also new power ups and animations to show.

New Ice World

As I mentioned before, the game will have five different themed worlds. So far I’ve only showed the first one but we have recently started designing the second world. For this second one the theme is Ice. It will have specific monsters that match that theme and several details that I’ll be revealing when we have them ready.

But I can show you a nice Icy background with one of the old stages to see how it looks

Are you already cold?

This is just…

My journey as an entrepreneur began a year ago. In this time I have learned some lessons that I’d like to share with you.

When you read stories about indie developers you usually see:

  • Postmortems of games: What went wrong, what went right, and some lessons learned on the way.
  • Disaster stories: people that tried and fail miserably, run out of money after 6 months, etc.
  • Very successful stories: Minecraft, Stardew Valley, etc.

But usually not so many people tell the story from the point of view of the business. After a year running my indie studio I’ve also noticed…

We showcased the game at the Madrid Games Week and people loved it!

As said above we went to another trade show. This time in Madrid, Spain. And we had a blast! We had the oportunity of showcasing the game to a huge variety of people: teenagers, older people, parents with kids, kids alone…

People playing at the Madrid Games Week

This not only allowed us to spot bugs and details that should be improved but also confirmed that the game is fun among others. Everybody seem to love the game, at some point there was even a queue to try it! …

Resistance Studio

Independent game studio based in Amsterdam. We make fun games for Nintendo Switch that are easy to play but hard to master

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