12.15.16 ACTION: Contact Your Electors by Post or Mail

Guest post by Desiree Pointer Mace

Ed. Note: This feels important enough we’re doing elector-related actions two days in a row.

What: Send postcards or email your electors and ask them to vote their conscience and keep the White House free of foreign influence and demagoguery.

Why: Electors do not have to vote for Trump. The Constitution allows for electors to refuse to vote in a demagogue, someone who is unqualified or unfit, and someone who is influenced by foreign actors. Check, check, check. It’s a Hail Mary, but I feel like we have to try. December 19th is the day they vote.

123 postcards mailed to electors on Tuesday 12/13/16

How: We have five days left. If you can get some postcards out today, here’s a list. I’ve sent about 250 myself so far (here’s my latest batch of 123 cards, sent out Tuesday).

If you can’t get the postcards out, use this website to help you email all the electors. Do it today! Send kind, beautiful, respectful postcards or emails. Maybe we can make a difference; we have to try.

If you scroll down on Ask The Electors you will see lots more examples of letters. Here’s what I wrote.

I am writing to ask you to please consider using your electoral vote on December 19th in the way it was intended by our founding fathers: to ensure the selection of a qualified candidate who is fit for the position, is not a demagogue, and is free of foreign influence.

Based on new evidence that has come out since the election, it seems more clear every day that Donald Trump is not that person. Multiple intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russia interfered with our election with the purpose of getting Donald Trump elected. Donald Trump is clearly not free of foreign influence, and he now continues to appoint Cabinet members who have questionable ties as well.

I know you have a big job. I know you’re getting inundated with pressure from all sides. I ask you kindly, respectfully, and sincerely to vote your conscience and keep foreign influence out of our White House.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.


My Name

Remember to be kind and respectful. They have a big responsibility and are being hit on all sides. Your message will definitely be ignored if it is insulting or demeaning.

Guest author Desiree Pointer Mace is keeping her mojo as a professor, parent, activist, optimist, and musician living in Milwaukee. She is inspired by Pete Seeger’s call to “surround hate with love and force it to surrender.