Why there is a $1000 cap

Hi. I see that you’re all wanking and ranting about the 1k limit.

IF you want a giant behemoth chimera bahamut of a ship, it’s not possible.
it’s unfair to the campaign if you make a giant ship that just, kills everything.

Also, the 1k limit is not THAT hard.
There are more than a thousand possible ways to make a huge ship with only 1000.

Lol if you don’t want a notif saying your fun stops when you hit 1k, let’s remove it. then don’t get infuriated when you cant spawn your whole fleet menu. Sucks when you need one more reactor? Use solar panels.

@THE YOLO SQUAD Heck, I can just swarm it.

Daemonic, there are alot of solutions to like, just put that price down. 
like scraping a bit armor.

Hey Connor, if you want anything op, that’s more of godmodding.
Plus, there’s a single player sandbox.

Guys, if you want to git gud, adapt. Don’t ask the game to adapt.