I’m all for restarting the GOP, but hiding behind a veil of anonymity isn’t the way to get started.
Marc C. Johnson

In due time

Hiding is not what we do. We’re barely an organization yet — more of a group of 70 people working towards a common goal. Our Slack is public and you can visit it any time. Our mission is public as well. We believe in leading less and, instead, spearheading a movement that needs to happen. If you think an organization depends on the people running it —you don’t understand the problem in Washington. It depends on all the people involved, all over the country. We are the least important component.

Most importantly, some of our members cannot be public-facing due to their leadership roles in the party — and that seems like a good enough reason to me to not disclose who they are.

Hope you’ll give us the benefit of the doubt for now.

-Team Restart

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