Top 7 Executive Resumes 2017 Mistakes

Executive resumes could have been your main weapons when applying for an executive position in a company, a key role in every business. However, you might be one of those that are prone to falling into traps of committing resume mistakes. To get started right, check out the following top seven mistakes when writing an executive resume.

Executive Resume Formats and Writing Mistakes

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  1. Not using the right format — Applicants sometimes fail to choose the correct format for their resume. For instance, some of them use the chronological format that makes it hard for the reader to find out what they are offering the company. Many of them fail to highlight the skills and expertise they have to perform the job. Don’t make the reader fish out information with your unclear chronological resume. What to do is not to highlight only the job roles and responsibilities but your accomplishments in the position you have handled. The same goes for those using functional executive resumes 2017. They fail to show the chronological contexts of their achievements. When listing your achievements, start with the most recent ones, preferably include dates so that the reader can find out easily the information they are looking for in your accomplishments. Organization is the key, even if you want to use the functional format that highlights your key competencies. What to do is to make use of the hybrid format that can highlight both the characteristics of the two formats. You can highlight both your accomplishments and skills in the hybrid or combination formats.

Avoid these top seven mistakes in your professional resumes 2017 and improve your job success rate. Learning of these mistakes before you commit them can help you improve your exposure because you can optimize your resume and put it together as one powerful job application tool. Finally, refer to the best executive resume samples that will help in achieving your purpose of winning a specific job. Spend some time in writing and editing your resume for the best results, too.

Originally published at on January 4, 2016.