Top 7 Executive Resumes 2017 Mistakes

Executive Resume Formats and Writing Mistakes

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  1. Not using the right format — Applicants sometimes fail to choose the correct format for their resume. For instance, some of them use the chronological format that makes it hard for the reader to find out what they are offering the company. Many of them fail to highlight the skills and expertise they have to perform the job. Don’t make the reader fish out information with your unclear chronological resume. What to do is not to highlight only the job roles and responsibilities but your accomplishments in the position you have handled. The same goes for those using functional executive resumes 2017. They fail to show the chronological contexts of their achievements. When listing your achievements, start with the most recent ones, preferably include dates so that the reader can find out easily the information they are looking for in your accomplishments. Organization is the key, even if you want to use the functional format that highlights your key competencies. What to do is to make use of the hybrid format that can highlight both the characteristics of the two formats. You can highlight both your accomplishments and skills in the hybrid or combination formats.
  2. No title listed — Another mistake applicants commit is not using a specific job title. According to the best executive resume samples online, you should highlight the specific position you are applying for so that you can prevent the reader from finding confusion on what position you are looking for. Use a compelling title that will emphasize the specific title you need to compel the reader and invite you for an interview.
  3. Not using the right length — When writing with executive resume formats, you should be mindful of the resume length. You should know that it is not only the content that matters in writing, but also the length. No matter if you are an experienced worker in the field and if you are an expert in the position, you cannot show this if your resume is too short or too long. What you can do is to ensure that you use the right length for your CV or resume. It is advised that you use up to two pages of an A4 paper only.
  4. Generic resumes — Some applicants do not find success in applications because they send a generic application. What to do is to read and understand the job ad so that you can tailor your paper based on it. Find out the qualifications and requirements employers are looking for by reading the post thoroughly and writing your paper to answer those demands listed in the job ad. Don’t send the same resume across job applications, or else, you will lose the chance of grabbing the readers’ attention. What you can do instead is to tailor each application per company to show that you have researched and that you are interested and sincere in working for the company.
  5. Not quantified claims — Some applicants just claim for their accomplishments. They tell this and that. However, they don’t pay attention to the substance of those claims because they don’t back those up with figures and statistics.
  6. No verbs or using weak verbs — Other applicants in their executive resumes fail to show distinct value in their application because they don’t use action words or specific verbs to highlight what they can do and offer. To fix this issue, find a list of action words related to your industry, and then choose and use which of them best describe you and your skills.
  7. Overusing words — Another reason many applicants fail is that they overuse words in their resume. What you have to do to avoid this problem is to mix your verbs. You don’t need to use the same verbs throughout your resume, as it might indicate your lack of experience. You can also use more specific verbs that target and describe a specific skill you have rather than using an ambiguous terms that could mean so many other things.



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