Boho Dream Dorm: Save on Any Budget

Whether you’re pinching pennies or have a stash of cash saved from your summer job, we’ve got design ideas aplenty for decorating your dorm. For even more tips on how to save, check out the other guides in this series: “Mid-Century Modern Dream Dorm” and “Glam Rock Dream Dorm.”

Peace, love and happiness have never gone out of style, but the modern-day boho dorm room has evolved way beyond beaded curtains and lava lamps.

Think kaleidoscopic prints, organic fabrics, touchable textures and the occasional glint from glass and natural stone. Against a backdrop of colorful tapestry, string lights cast a warm glow upon late-night philosophical conversations and group study sessions. Over in the corner, pouf seating provides a soft spot for journal entries over kombucha.

It’s a cozy, layered space that’s equal parts earthy, effervescent and mellow — just like you. But more importantly, a boho dorm is the chillest hangout outside the campus coffeehouse.



Dime: Ludivine Duvet Cover ($56) from Target

Dollar: Echo Design Jaipur Duvet Cover ($100) from Macy’s

Whole Paycheck: Wandering Star Sheet Set ($180) from Bohem


Dime: Abstract Mercury Glass Lamp ($34.99) from Kirkland’s

Dollar: Pewter Teardrop Mina Table Lamp ($79.99) from World Market

Whole Paycheck: Moroccan Metal Orb Light ($199) from West Elm

Wall Decor

Dime: Magical Thinking Turq Medallion Tapestry ($29.99) from Urban Outfitters

Dollar: Pink Tribal Paisley Henna Pattern Canvas ($68.95) from Zazzle

Whole Paycheck: Pink Elephant Framed Corkboard ($103) from Bed Bath & Beyond


Dime: Black Suti Pouf ($39.99) from World Market

Dollar: Kaneena Pouf ($129.95) from Anthropologie

Whole Paycheck: Surya Pouf ($143.40) from Arcadian Home


Dime: Loloi Aria Peacock Rug ($69) from Rugs Direct

Dollar: Bohem Mosaic Rug ($199.99) from Urban Outfitters

Whole Paycheck: Pari Rug ($360) from Lulu & Georgia

Research by Jennifer Gravely, a freelance writer and editor based in southern Virginia

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