CribRater’s Guide To Bed Sheets: High to Low

The average American spends approximately 25 years of their life sleeping. With roughly one-third of your life span spent asleep, the quality of your bed sheets matter. If you’ve ever spent a night at a five-star hotel, you will know what a difference high quality bedding makes. Keep reading for CribRater’s guide on what is important when searching for you next set of sheets.

Thread Count = Quality, Right?

Wrong! The higher the thread count does not mean you are buying a better-quality sheet set (if you have ever bought those 800-thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets from the side of East 86th Street, you will know what I’m talking about). How did this misconception come about? Like most things, it was started by brilliant marketers. Thread count by definition is the number of yarn per square inch.

Tip: select bed sheets with a pattern to create visual texture.

What should you focus besides Thread Count?

Location: Consider the country of origin of the sheets. In Europe, France and Italy are regarded as the best sheet-makers in the business, even though the materials they use isn’t always from those countries.

Price: Never forget, when it comes to bed sheets price and quality are positively correlated. Of course, there are diminishing marginal returns. The average person likely won’t distinguish between $2,000 and $3,000 sheet sets but there is definitely a distinguishable difference between $24 sheet sets from Target vs. $288 from Serena and Lily.

Fiber: Look for sets made with longer fibers which should produce more durable sets i.e. less pilling. Other good high-quality fiber options to look for are pima and supima, organic cotton, cotton-poplin, cotton-polyester and even bamboo.

Weave: Stick to percale or sateen weave for a balanced, crisp, cooler feel.

Finish: Focus on chemical-free sheets like organic cotton. Most sheets are “finished” with a chemical process to prevent them from wrinkling or shrinking. While it’s nice not to have wrinkled sheets, it’s not good for your body nor does it feel cozy,

Keep in mind that finding the right sheets that meet your budget and expectations is a balancing act. It may take a little time to find the right balance but totally worth it.

$$$ = Matouk, Frette

Matouk Lanai bedding, duvet starting at $297.

$$ = Pottery Barn, Brooklinen

Pottery Barn Classic: Pearl Embroidered 280 Thread Count Sheet set starting at $83 for a full size duvet.

$ = West Elm

West Elm’s Dot Sheet Set starting at $59.99.
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