How To Make You Small Bathroom Seem Larger

Do you have the small bathroom blues?

Apartments in the city are notorious for their closet-sized bathrooms. Even if you’re lucky enough to have found a place with a normal(ish) sized bathroom, chances are it feels claustrophobic at times.

The biggest problem is the physical constraints of the room, unlike homeowners who can start knocking out walls, installing Jacuzzi tubs, and cutting into walls to provide shelf and storage areas. Very few apartments provide the freedom to alter the room itself. Therefore, creativity is a must to make your small bathroom feel larger.

How To Make You Small Bathroom Seem Larger

Visual Effects — Same Tone

When you paint your bathroom, remember that mixing light and dark can make any space feel smaller. The contrast helps divide the room. Same goes for accent pieces, light fixtures, and other accruements.

Keep everything the same, or similar, tones. Some colors, such as white, help the room feel larger than it is. Create visual space by keeping colors and tones the same.

Big Mirrors = Feeling Big

Find a large mirror, preferably tall enough to make the room feel like the walls are being stretched.

Place light fixtures on top of the mirror, creating a reflective effect that further increases the appearance of space. Wisteria has some great options.


Next time you visit your favorite clothing boutique, observe their use of mirrors and lighting. They’re set up to make you look your best while trying on clothes, and one of the ways that happens is trough size of the mirror and strategically placed lighting. Take that same concept and apply it to your apartment’s bathroom.


Function Counts

Small, apartment bathrooms can be made to look bigger, but you also have to consider function. A minimalist approach is best in these cases. Clutter makes even large rooms feel tiny.

Keep hair care products, bath gels, soaps, and other necessities to a minimum. And, if you must have a wide variety, work to keep them organized in baskets under the sink, in cabinets, drawers, and on shelves.


Utilize the back of your door as a storage area, use the inside doors of cabinets. Really search to maximize storage area by minimizing wasted surface areas.