The feeling of being lost

Well, how do I even start something like this?I’m sitting here looking for the right words.Looking into nowhere wondering what to do with my life.I know that feeling.I have it right now.Looking trough the window wondering: “What should I do today?I know I will do that”.And so you go and start to do that thing but then you realize one thing and start questioning yourself: “Why am I doing this?Why should I do this and not that?”.Questions start going trough your head and you feel so lost you just don’t know what do anymore.”What is my purpose God?Why was I born?”.Hell, people would tell you there are so many reasons to live for: be grateful for this, be grateful for that, be happy and so on.You go trough school and after you go to university just to realize that the job you wanted to isn’t right for you.And so you lost more than 4 years doing literally nothing than wasting your time.I know how you think: “Oh well, that’s not a problem.I still got a lot of time to think about it, I’m still young”.If you think that or someone told you that, oh boy were they wrong.

Go outside, see all of these people just living their lives , so many untold stories but then you realistic you’re just a little fish in the big sea.You’re not immortal, you’ll eventually die and if you keep saying to yourself “I am still young, I got time for everything” you are so wrong.For a simple reason: YOU DON’T KNOW WHEN YOU WILL DIE.It could happen today, it could happen tomorrow or in any minutes.Yeah this are the odds.That you looking at this article might die in the next minutes.I am not trying to scare you but this is the reality.You spend so many years of your life finding the right job but is this what you really wanted to?The thing we are all looking desperately fo.What is it?A great job?A great family?A loving wife?A lot of money?Happiness?Health?What is your purpose, what are you still living for?Why do you still breath?For what?We live our everyday lives like we won’t eventually die and we die like we have never lived.

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