Why Salespeople should start thinking like Baseball Players

America’s pastime. Baseball. If you’re one of those people that think baseball is boring, that’s ok, it’s kind of a smart person sport. The level of strategy that goes into a single baseball game is mind blowing. And as a player, you need tremendous consistency if you want to stay in the big leagues which requires daily practice, preparation, and discipline.

So how do we tie Baseball Players to Salespeople? Batting Average (Closing Ratio).

The top MLB Hitters average above .300 or hit the ball safely 30% of the time. The bottom MLB Hitters average at or below .250 or 25%. What do you think the difference is between a .300 hitter and a .250 hitter? Only 1 hit (sale) per week. That’s it. Now let’s say the average player plays 6 games per week with an opportunity to hit the ball 4 times per game, totaling 24 opportunities to hit the ball safely in play. The .300 hitters average 7 hits per week, so let’s take those seven hits out of the equation. To become a .300 hitter from a .250 hitter, you have 17 opportunities per week to generate one more hit to become an elite player. If you’re wondering where I got my numbers from, take 162 regular season games and multiply that by 4 (hits / game), that equals 648. Take 648 (plate appearances) and multiply that by .30 which gives you 194 (hits per season), with 27 weeks in a year, take 194 / 27 and that leaves you with 7 hits per week.

What’s the Salary difference between a .250 hitter and a .300 hitter?

As of June 22, 2016, I checked into two players, one who is averaging .300 and one who is averaging .250. One player is 26 years old and the other is 24 years old. The .300 hitter is in 36th place and the .250 hitter is in 124th place for batting average. They are both excellent defensively and relied on heavily for that from their ball clubs. The .250 hitter’s salary for 2016 is 2.8 million. The .300 hitter’s salary for 2016 is 15.25 million. The .250 hitter was drafted 6th overall and the .300 hitter was drafted 25th overall. The .250 hitter is 26 years old and the .300 hitter is 24 years old.

The point of this rant is that when it comes to closing sales, the difference from being an average Salesperson to an outstanding one is a lot smaller than you may realize. Focus on investing in you so that you can provide yourself with the opportunity to succeed. Feed off your strength’s and work on your weakness occasionally but don’t put them at the forefront of your focus. If there is an area that you know requires either more work or discipline, then get after it and start getting the results you deserve. The top people aren’t any more talented than you are, they just put in the extra effort on a daily basis and it pays massive dividends. They get the same amount of leads (at bats) that you do, they just make one more sale (hit) per week than you do. What would happen to your income if you did 4 more sales per month? Take your average commission and multiply it by 48 and see for yourself.

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Now get after it!

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