23 & Free

I never felt so alive...
until that time I almost died
It was before I seemed to lack the vision
I never felt so unfree...
until I turned 23 and realized
I’m in a mental prison
I never felt so oppressed...
 until the day I got dressed
and found out that didn’t matter either
Don’t want the pain or the memory
Something’s gotten into me
For now it has to be this ether
I’m going in for this surgery
See, The plan is 4 change
Without change we bring pattern
Without change defines insane
And If I have to play my part
To be insane in my thought
why start within the brain
When I could start within my heart
I never felt so mistreated...
till I thought of change
To change the way that I am playing,
or to change the game

I never felt so poetic...
Til I started writing
Outside under the sun
this is the perfect lighting
In the shade is where I rest
when I know its hot
I AM the writer of the story
So I change the plot
I change the situation
I know its for the greater good
I paint these lines with these words
Not to be misunderstood
I never felt so beloved...
until I felt the touch
Of the paper to my pen
I think its got me stuck
Stuck in sense...
But yet I feel mighty free
I never felt so alive..
Til' I turned 23.