Homeless in Manhattan

Homeless..My first thoughts of becoming homeless were those of worry. Where was I going to go? Its about to get cold out. On top of that, I am thousands of miles away from what I consider to be home. I cried. I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. Then it hit me, why was I crying? Wasn’t I the one who left home? Why did I leave home I asked myself? Love was the answer…or should I say what appeared to be love. Love shortly became abuse. Abuse shortly became my strength. I decided enough was enough. I left my abuser to become..Homeless in Manhattan.

This isn’t a sad story. :) You see I believe that things happen for all types of reasons.

My first night at the homeless shelter was one of mixed emotions. I’m 24 and I haven’t been away from my family much at all. This experience is fairly new. When I walk in oddly I immediately feel welcome. A woman that goes by the name of Angel is cooking one of my favorite meals — Tatertot Casserole. :) In a few I would find that Angel is also my new roommate. I eat the best depressing meal I have ever ate. (this is now an lol moment..so feel free to chuckle..) After dinner I go upstairs and Angel’s there waiting. She has her arms wide open for a hug. I cry like a baby in front of her and her two sons.(whom now adore me) A little later other women and children flock to me as if they already knew me. It turns out the women in the shelter all have stories of abuse, some way worse than I could imagine. I decided then, that I didn’t have to cry and that I had to be stronger.

After about a week at the shelter it feels like home. I notice there’s a lot of depression going on. I didn’t want to be apart of it. I realize the situation that everyone is in including myself…but do we have to be down about it was the question. The answer is “NO”.

I have a roof over my head in Manhattan, under that roof…people that care, people that relate, people who need to be uplifted. I shared with my new family a couple of poems. A “family” favorite being..


I found that there were other women that liked to write but had given up long ago due to all kinds of reasons. I now think of these reasons as excuses. These women have stories that are amazing but are only shared within the home or therapy. So as I have done..I encourage these women to share their stories.

Since transitioning to the shelter things are better for myself. Everything including this lovely library are within walking distance. As you may or may not know, I was involved in a car accident that left me unable to walk for sometime. I am walking now! :) Also located nearby KSU.! While being at the shelter I was informed its possible to receive not-so-costly physical therapy from training college students. If its in your heart to do so you could help by donating at..

Also as always please send up a prayer or positive vibe for myself and others living in the shelter. God Bless!!! ❤