Democrats/Antifa/Islam A Love Triangle Made In Hell

Long before Bill Nye the “my sex junk” guy had rotund women screaming (singing?) about their vaginas and promoting dangerous lifestyle habits like promiscuity involving whomever whenever however I warned about the far left were being overran by Isis sympathizers and other ‘radicals’. I tried to point out that eventually the far left would fully align with radicals of all types including Isis itself.

Life these days is fraught with irony. You cannot watch a political gathering without thinking to yourself “What in the hell is going on?” Every single frame of video where Democrats are involved is a meme waiting to happen. You have a ‘women’s march’ where alleged feminists are being rallied by a headscarf wearing proponent of sharia law who claims she would like to take another woman’s “vagina away”. In another you have a so called “science guy” suggesting that a person’s gender is determined by their feelings. In yet another you see domestic terrorists who call their selves “Anti-fascists” dressed in all black garb slamming bike locks into the heads of those they call ‘Nazis’ simply because they do not like what those people are saying.

All of these groups I have mentioned here support one another in various ways. They end up at each other’s events. You have people who are members of multiple groups. You can go to the women’s march and find “Antifa” cliques running around trying to ‘bash the fash’. What is the goal here, for these organized groups who in some cases are paid, and directed by other organizations that were involved with the democrats during the election? Is it simply to delegitimize the President and his agenda? To me, it seems to be a little more involved than that. One thing seems certain to me, their tactic is to tear us apart so they will not face a united people when and if they make their move. More and more you see each of these groups hitting the same talking points, calling those they disagree with like Trump supporters the same names, and openly condoning violence against their political opponents.

More and more their interests are aligning, more and more they are becoming interlaced. Do the Anti-First Amendment people (I bet you thought Antifa actually stood for Anti-Fascist) realize they have politically aligned their group to Isis? As a matter of fact how could you argue they don’t know when you see these black draped morons holding up pictures of Isis Flags to intimidate Trump supporters attending Pro-American values rallies? Doubt me, oh please doubt me and do your own search for yourselves.

Antifa holding up a cell phone with the ISIS flag to intimidate attendees of the Deploraball organized by Mike Cernovich

The point I am trying to get across is that Democrats, far left groups, and radical Islam are slowly but surely becoming one. The more this happens the more dangerous the situation will become. The less you will see members of the left interested in debate or any kind of conversation. Have you ever noticed the minute you manage to get someone at a rally that is from the left to start conversing with you others will jump in to tell that person not to talk to you… as a matter of fact lately the saying is “Don’t talk to that Nazi”.

I recently watched the last gathering at Berkeley where Ann Coulter was due to speak. Unfortunately due to threats and other organized types of de-platforming members of the left were able to apply enough pressure for Berkeley to cancel her speech. I would argue she did a disservice to defense of Free Speech by not showing up anyway to give the speech outdoors and telling them to shove it. Members of the left were threatening violence if she showed up; ultimately I believe this is what led to the cancellation. Knowing that by her not showing up and speaking anyway wherever she could, she actually sent the message that violence or the threat thereof is a tool they can use to win.

I saw multiple people try to reach out to truly attempt to understand where the other side was coming from. One example was an entrepreneur by the name of Mike Tokes. After giving a speech he went to where the protestors were forming to get a better understanding of what they believe, and to reach out. One protestor noticed a sticker Mike had of Pepe and commented he liked it. Mike took the opportunity to talk to the young man to try and get a better understanding of what he believed. Being a reasonable person Mr. Tokes appears to believe if we can show that the lies about us are just that, that maybe finally we can come back together as Americans.

Entrepreneur Mike Tokes speaks with the crowd protesting the pro-free speech rally at Berkeley

While Mike Tokes was reaching across the lines to try to reason with this one young man you heard others try to dissuade the conversation taking place. I heard one yell “Get out of here you fucking bigot”. At one point it also looked like Mike Tokes and Baked Alaska (who is a friend of Mike) might end up in legal trouble when what appeared to be a biased Police Office attempted to say that Baked and Mike Tokes were attempting to ‘incite a riot’. Since when is attempting and succeeding (somewhat) at civil discussion with people of different points of view ‘inciting a riot’?

Police Officer accuses Mike Tokes and Baked (corner right of the frame) of ‘inciting a riot’ for simply talking to protestors

Nevertheless Mike has the right idea. At the end of the day the only way we will win is when we can convince everyone to come together as Americans. Otherwise, if we fall into the trap of responding in the same manner as some groups on the far left we will remain divided which is what the actual enemies of this country want. Those groups will become further enmeshed and a very real danger will grow. That is something that is far more destructive than a Hillary Clinton presidency. Scary thought.

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