RETRO Airdrop Explained

3 min readApr 7, 2022

The RETRO airdrop aims to get RETRO tokens into the hands of all Astrochads, and help unite our community.

We are allocating 10 million RETRO tokens to be fairly distributed, targeting the Astrochad community (1% of total supply of 1 billion).

We want to ensure a relatively even distribution of these tokens, with the largest quantity of tokens available to the “average” ASTRO holder.

RETROchads Strong Together

Who Is Eligible?

RETRO will be distributed to Astrochads based on four independent criteria.

Each wallet can qualify for any number of the four and receive the cumulative amount of RETRO.

Firstly, a fixed amount of RETRO will be airdropped to any wallet that participated in either phase of the Astroport launch:

  1. Astroport Bootstrap Auction participants (1.5m RETRO)
  2. Astroport Lockdrop participants (3m RETRO)

Furthermore, a snapshot was taken at block height 7045697 (30th March 2022). A fixed amount of RETRO will be airdropped to:

3. ASTRO token holders (4.5m RETRO)

4. Non-lockdrop ASTRO-UST liquidity providers (1.0m RETRO)

LP tokens are counted if they are in a user’s wallet, or staked in the Astroport generator.

The camera used to take our RETRO snapshot

Fair Distribution Mechanics

When considering our airdrop distribution, we looked at past case studies to consider how to achieve our objectives:

  • Targeting specific users who are engaged in the Astroport ecosystem.
  • Equal and fair distribution across these users.

In collaboration with Passport Protocol, we determined the following method would achieve these goals.

For all RETRO distributed under criteria 3 and 4, a weighting calculation is applied to favour those wallets with an “average” number of tokens.

This means that the fixed sum of tokens sent to each wallet is multiplied by up to 3x, subject to your “tier”.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1: Lower 20% of wallets — 1x
  • Tier 2: Low/Mid 20% of wallets — 2x
  • Tier 3: Middle 20% of wallets — 3x
  • Tier 4: Upper/Mid 20% — 2x
  • Tier 5: Upper 20% of wallets — 1x

Your quantity of ASTRO and ASTRO-UST LP tokens are assessed and tiered independently, in two separate calculations.

This system will ensure that we see a relatively flat distribution of tokens, with the average Astrochad benefitting the most. For example, the richest Astro whale will receive an airdrop 1/3 the size of the average Astro holder.

Wen Launch

You will be able to visit the Retrograde site to check your airdrop allowance in the coming week.

Retrograde’s bootstrapping and lockdrop events are imminent, and everyone is invited.

Follow our Twitter page and Medium for project updates as we creep ever closer to these and the inevitable ASTRO wars.

We hope to see more Astrochads come and use Retrograde in the future, and take part in our community today.

Furthermore, we are actively looking for community moderators to help educate and keep Lunatics up to date with everything happening at Retrograde, so come and join us on discord.

DISCLAIMER: This article does not constitute investment advice. Before interacting with Retrograde, be sure to review the project disclaimers.


  • Astroport lockdrop participants are eligible regardless of phase.
  • ASTRO-UST liquidity providers are eligible for an airdrop if they have LP tokens in their wallet or staked in the generator. Auto compounder platforms such as Apollo and Spectrum are included in the snapshot as a single wallet, and as such are allocated the sum of a single wallet’s airdrop token allocation only. Should these platforms claim the airdrop, they will be free to distribute RETRO tokens as they wish.