Rap Game Part 6: Plane Hangar Erupts…

🎅Dan: So, fake YG what’s going on with YG.

🕵Fake YG: his braziness is to much…got to understand he’s dealing with family, music, gang members trying to kill him left and right, and he’s trying to tell people about the political structure of what donald trump is doing.

🎅Dan: You are way to elaborate when you talk. So, should we bomb this place and head out now. Because I strapped up 10 bombs around the vicinity. We can blow it up and leave no evidence.

💃YG: iite, sorry for the eruption earlier. I’m calm let’s go.

🎅Dan: here’s the switch to the bombs YG, it’s your call.

🕵Fake YG: I fake YG would like to say can I record this… because I need to show my friends in real life once we’re done with all of this.

💃YG: Dan I can’t take it no more… I’m going to blap… this guy with a blip.. he’s to much.

🎅Dan: you can’t do that.. you’ve come to far to just end his life that fast. I also said no one’s dying. Like come on be reasonable.

🕵Fake YG: I’m leaving to Almeria… where’s the boat… or are we troop ing this.

💃YG: I have my jet pack on and we trooping.. we do shit real out here. Fuck the boat.

🎅Dan: I do not mind using my machete to cut down some vines.

🕵Fake YG: Smh I’m trying to live a luxurious life here and we’re talking about getting bit by mosquitos and God knows what else.

💃YG: I Think we’re far away now… let me turn this switch on.

🕵Fake YG and Dan decide to sit near a rocky cliff. YG is standing up looking far from the distance he sees to medium sized hangar. As the countdown begins… 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, ….. waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

🕵Fake YG: did we move the plane… because we need to get back home.

🎅Dan: Yeah I moved it to the side, hidden in some leaves…hopefully the indigenous people don’t touch it.

💃YG: don’t ever stop me 😒. 2… 1.. -presses- 😊…that was fun…hmm. Let’s go to future. Should be 1 hour to 2 hours away to meet him. I’m already having ideas on what to do next. Thinking of musical pieces never heard before.

🕵Fake YG: Like I was saying… shit man almost out of kush. Yo Dan you brought extra supplies.

🎅Dan: just a little. It’s mine.

🕵Fake YG: Yeah… I need that or else.

💃YG: I got tons…man were almost there. Think I see Almeria now.

🕵Fake YG: Wow what a beautiful city man, how, where… look at this floor, -touches muddied road-… man they need concrete because I’m wearing sandals now… and my entire foot area is gone, sinked into the mud… plus got them at old Navy.. 99 cents. I was happy then… now…useless… the fuck am I thinking.

💃YG: 😒….. I’m just ending the scene myself. 🔫….booooooom

🎅Dan: Smh…YG stop 😒

🕵Fake YG: look behind you it’s future man……

😎Future ….-sips- codeine with sprite… hmm… 😑, so you know already. This shit is magical, upper echelons of music. Got it in the bag.

💃YG: 👁👁……let me see that shit right now future. 🔫…ain’t No games being played.

😎Future: put your gun down fool. I’ll spray you with my poison. You’ll die instantly. No measly gun can penetrate me… my lean to real.

🕵Fake YG: hold on musicians got super powers???… wow if we going with super power…. I want speed.

🎅Dan: I am awake if this is real too… some more strength and I already know combat.

💃YG: 😒…-slaps forehead- I’m with two idiots and druggie. This is real life….no superpowers.

🕵Fake YG: I’m taking this lean than because it’s future. Also YG let’s get to the motel, discuss further on the item.

😎Future: who’s Dan… and Fake YG… why is YG in this portrait. You got tangled up again.

🕵Fake YG: how the fuck… does he even know this… like nothing was said to future not one word.

😎Future: I know all… -swings bag behind shoulder-… let’s go by the way had to kill 69 indigenous people for this. They wouldn’t let go.

💃YG: -inside head- hmm..future didn’t know why I’m here…. Let me call my homies in Bompton now… tell them to come over…going to get gloves first…

💃YG: -balls glovegang- ……we got some serious shit going down in Almeria….. need to you come by survey the entire city. I struck on something out this world.

💀GloveGang: iite… no problem sir, want me to take the other jet?… actually never mind. I’m on my way. Already equipped.

-End scene-

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