Warriors #69 Fan speaking with Warriors # 1 Fan

Izziegentry: Yo, if I mixed in my last name with basketball.. shit man I must be a warrior.

Warriors # 1 Fan: Wow you just found out.

Izziegentry: Damn bro, I’m trying to win chips out here and you know Kevin Durant is in our team. Because I don’t know what the knicks can do to us or the cavs.

Warriors # 1 Fan: Alright, didn’t know you care that much. Let me see… I got it… what if we do this defensive stop, let’s say against the uhh… (no team can stop us)….

Izziegentry: Wow Steph Curry is talking in a hidden puzzle.

Warriors #1 Fan: yeah he does that alot…OK what about the..Charlottes Hornets.

Izziegentry: All I see is … steph looking at the potential open infinite gaps between screens and all other possible situations, with a 3. Man …. Bogut violating next year in dallas. No injuries… screens on screens

Warriors #1 Fan: ok, Your right Charlotte hornets are pretty trash. Sigh man… cave did us dirty in the finals I still think about it. Kyrie Irving knows he violated with that three there was no need.

Izziegentry: Had a dream… steph curry stopped the three man. He wobbled thinking about life shit, was under pressure shit happens. Plus, Harrison Barnes man just didn’t hit those threes. Everyone else did their desired share. Got traded in the offseason.

Warriors #1 Fan: Yea saw it coming early too. Tried to tell them they wouldn’t listen. I’m like wow, the missing ingredient was right before their eyes.

Izziegentry: I cried when that 3 hit the basket… all hope was lost, sniff 😢.

Wakes up…. Shit need to find what I was doing

-Inside head- Isaiah…. Go pay your electric and gas bill.

:Isaiah: Already paid it….. wow a flower and it’s purple… next thought

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