Audio is Finally Working! — Indie Log 17.10.20

Spent the day making the audio sound decent and without fan noise. Finally satisfied with it.

I accidently deleted a two groups in my live code overlay app. I was so pissed! You’d think deleting a group would remove it from just the card and leave it intact on other cards. Nope. It removed it from the project. When I noticed it was deleted and since I didn’t save I thought I could just revert to the saved file. Well, LiveCode did something to the file as the group was deleted and the reverted file did not have the group in it any longer. You have no idea how PISSED I was. Poor UI design on LiveCode’s part. I had to rebuild that part of the project. Not time I planned on spending when all I wanted to do was make a field editable and remove a group from ONE card.

My Twitch extension journey has been stalled. It’s been stuck in royalty tax review for awhile and I decided to “Start Over”. It’s been hours since I did and it’s still stuck on the review. I find it weird that when I did this same thing on Amazon for their developer program it did go through in minutes like it mentions on the web page. On twitch it doesn’t work. I’ll try again tomorrow and see if I made a mistake somewhere. If it still fails I’ll have to contact support.

All day was spent making the stream sound decent. ALL DAY. I have finally got it to where I’m good with it. To get it to sound the best I need to get a more quiet PC setup and I’ll have to get a mic preamp sometime in the future but for now it’ll do. SO HAPPY ITS WORKING!

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