Indie Life Log — 17.10.18

The morning was spent refining the twitch overlay in LiveCode while the rest of the day was me still trying to get audio to sound decent while streaming and recording.

The LiveCode overlay work was simple but time consuming. I had a lot of little tweaks to fix every time I changed something. It’s been over 2 decades since I wrote code in an app like LiveCode. I think the software I used back then was called SuperCard. Same type of high level language but it was strange for me to revisit it. Had to get used it.

Getting audio to sound like I want is just a giant pain in the ass. The mic I have is perfect and sounds great. It’s the getting the PC to do what I want is the issue. After a half day of tweaking I set up three filters; gain, noise suppression and noise gate in OBS. This solved my voice over problems somewhat.

There is still some high pitched tinny sounds sneaking through because of the fan on my desktop. I have a 2014 Dell AIO 27" and when OBS for a while the fans kick in pretty loud.

My other audio problem is the music. I need music to code but I don’t want the recordings to have music in the file when I upload it. I don’t need a DCMA takedown notice for coding games. I found that OBS lets us put audio on different tracks. At first when I separated the VO and music into separate tracks, VLC and Windows movie player didn’t play the VO. This drove me crazy for at least a good two hours until I found that VLC and Windows movie player only play the first track. OMFG.

When I opened the file in Premiere the separated tracks were there all along! Now, before I upload the recorded file I can remove the music and just keep the VO.

I didn’t learn any new ASL words today. Instead I went over the list of words I’ve been learning these past few weeks. I still need to commit a lot to memory. I need to practice more. I try and spell all sorts of words throughout the day though. This is to get my hand spelling speed to be faster. Right now it’s awfully slow.

My to do and learn list was small today. I wanted to focus enough time to get twitch set up correctly.

  • Finish twitch overlay in LiveCode
  • Changed header image on twitch profile (did not do)
  • Change the profile write up on twitch (did not do)
  • Learn 5 new ASL words
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