5 Non-metrics Based Lessons That I’ve Learned From My Market Research

A large population of the Black Community is stuck in the “defeated” mindset of our grandparent’s generation.

It’s time for me to get on my soap box black people:

It really sucks to say this, but I now understand why black celebrities and black business moguls separate themselves from a significant percentage of the black population. It seems as though it’s smarter to focus on inspiring the next gen/youth, rather than concentrate on influencing the mindset of our peers.

Moreover, I also get why my black mentors loved the idea of Koffee, yet attempted to steer me away from taking on the challenge.

Here are 5 non-metrics based lessons that I’ve learned from my market research:

1. When you go back to the hood to help others, most could really give a shit less about your cause. Just show them the money.

2. There are a ton of “crabs in the barrel” who want to stunt your success and watch the rest of the world burn while everyone suffers.

3. The black community is deeply segregated, and there is way too much internal conflict.

4. Once you’re no longer considered an underdog, people aren’t interested in seeing you win.

5. Lastly, no one should have to prove how “hood” they once were to get you to understand the message. I’ve literally had to show people unwarranted photos, to validate my personal evolution. Wtf?

I’m disappointed brothers & sisters. We have a lot of growing up to do. MYSELF INCLUDED!

Below is the sum of answers that I’ve provided to friends who know how passionate I am about this subject:

“So what are you going to do now?”

Me: Taking time to recalibrate and build myself into a stronger version of Optimus Prime. :)

“Are you dropping Koffee?”

Me: No!

“Are you going to delete the FB group?”

Me: I’m 50/50 on this one.

“Are you launching a community/tribe based platform of some sort?”

Me: Maybe!

P.S. Side note to the influx of black blerds who are migrating to Silicon Valley… I used to protect kids like you from bullies when I was in school, like every day! So stop acting like fake thugs when we’re not in an office setting. Be yourself! Seriously, thugging is lame!

Until next time,

The Pragmatic Disruptor

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