6 Signs Your Companies Culture is About to Change

What color is your parachute?

I’m wondering if anyone out there has ever experienced this before?

It’s 10 a.m. on a Thursday morning, and suddenly you get an email notification from the COO, stating that there’s an all-hands meeting at the executive hall in 15 minutes.

But, it’s not what most of us are expecting! Usually, we’d receive a speech about how the company is doing well. And, everything will be ok. There will not be any job layoffs. Etc, etc.

The next thing we know, we find ourselves staring down an unfamiliar face in the executive hall. A calm, well mannered, and well-dressed suit with a grim smirk on his face. Not too soon after, we quickly find out he’s been hired by the board to help dissolve the company, and we’re no longer going to be employed.

Naturally, as humans, we dive deep into panic and distress mode.

Then we take to social media channels like LinkedIn, SnapChat, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook to attack and express anger towards our former CEO.

I’m going to be quite frank here…

There isn’t a person in the world who enjoys the feeling of being laid-off or fired. Not one bit.

Being terminated can be extremely embarrassing. So much so, that it can drive an individual into a deep depression, feeling worthless, or even suicidal thoughts.

If there is anyone out there going through this stage, please know that you’re not alone. Many of us have been there before, and understand that there’s a better opportunity down the road. Please seek help as soon as possible.

Below are 6 warning signs to be aware of:

  • CEO and/or highest ranking executive gets fired.
  • Prior to a Chief executives exit, VP’s begin transitioning into other departments for “career growth opportunities.”
  • Your manager who’s perfectly healthy, claims 5 doctors appointments in a week.
  • As gossip circulates, co-worker behaviors start to change and they begin to distance themselves.
  • Your manager backs out of 1:1 meetings because they are now being transcribed by HR.
  • Your companies stock is plummeting at a rapid rate.
“Thankfully, and speaking from experience, it’s possible to rebound from a job loss and land an even better job than your last one.” Carlos Gil

Here are some suggestions that can help make your transition flow a lot smoother:

  • Leverage all social media channels, by engaging with like-minded people. Network in person, and digitally! [Full court pressure]
  • Update your resume, to feature metrics around your success rate. The standard industry jargon won’t help you stand out above the competition.
  • Follow suit with the VP’s who are transferring into net positive (revenue generating) business units, where you can become a value add.

For the hustler’s, here’s one that worked for me personally:

  • Find a company that you want to work for.
  • Reach out to the hiring manager and introduce yourself.
  • Then ask him/her, how you can be of assistance to their process?
  • Bonus points, develop & provide a measurable solution around a problem that they’re experiencing.


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