Communication is the foundation of how we interact, learn and grow.

Bee’s strategizing on their next big business move. :)

At koffee, we’re using technology to create content and target people with messaging, that they may need to know, in order to grow in an ever changing economy.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve always been told by friends that I am the rich soil (community builder), that helps them blossom and achieve goals that were thought of as unattainable. My assumptions are such that, if we can scale a symbiotic ecosystem globally, like-minded black people can partake in a paradigm shift where they become the thought leaders that we hear, see and read about in publications.

They too can serve as instrumental mentors to the next generation of brothers & sisters. And they too can move beyond the limitations we face when raising our youth in the ghettos of the world.

This is my dream, and I believe that deep down inside, it’s our dream as well.” — McKenzy, CEO at koffee

Follow my journey as I create an app that helps you discover the best answers for personal growth. And win! Get early access by joining my wait list here:

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