For a Long Time (a really long time!), I was Ashamed to be Black

Keith Battle — my Kung Fu brother

10/06/16 text exchange… We’re totally “code switching” and excluding the eloquent jargon for this one people. :)

Keith: Bruh, my cousin is a Baptist minister. How do we get him to engage on Koffee? I ask as an atheist, lol. I mean, I grew up in Southern Baptist tradition (sort of), but I walked away from it in college. I’m bringing this up, because my cousin Todd is an amazing preacher, and from what I get from his Facebook posts, he’s fairly progressive. I feel like Koffee could be a great place for on-the-ground soldiers like pastors to connect. Thoughts?

Me: It would be a great platform once we launch. Maybe we can setup a strategic arrangement, where he gets his followers to sign up, and creates a channel on the platform for continuous engagement… And talks about how beneficial it would be to his fellowship & others.

I’m an atheist as well btw. Was raised Roman Catholic up until JHS, and then decided to make my exit after being confirmed.

I was a bit reluctant to say it publicly, as a precautionary measure to not drive religious people away from our identity network. Nonetheless, we will make it work.

Keith: I already hinted at it to him and he said — “Just hit me up when we get goin’!!!”

Me: Awesome! Thats exactly the type of support we need.

Keith: Yessir!

I would be tempted to say that this is the cold medicine speaking, except for the fact that I was thinking straight in the shower this morning before the medicine kicked in:

  • You fucking rock!
  • You inspire me in ways I cannot articulate.
  • We are both on a mission to uplift the POC and it is only right that we meet RIGHT NOW and join forces.
  • Kung motherfucking fu!

And I’m done!

Me: I feel the very same way brother!

Keith: Bruh, you’ve got my mind on fire! I’m seeing so much potential.

The thing you posted about people projecting their own fear of failure onto your idea…


Me: Dude, welcome to my world. I so want to quit my job and focus on Koffee full-time. However, I’ll be patient, hustle hard and bootstrap for a while, and make the plunge when the time is right.

Keith: Dude, you’re an intelligent, ambitious, and organized brother. You’ve got this.

Just watch out for the “crabs in a barrel.”

Me: Thanks brother. I’m deeply humbled by your words.

Keith: There are many folks who will look to your example and say, “why not me? Why not now?”

Don’t let other people’s fears hold you down, brush. [typo]


Apple hasn't adopted “bruh” yet?

See….we got work to do!

I have to head out now, but if I may, I’d like to share this with you…

…for a long time (a really long time!), I was ashamed of being Black. I thought I could pass… And I was right.

I passed for latino or Middle Eastern or whatever category folks wanted to place me under.

Me: Man, that was deep. I don’t even know how to respond to that. I’ve never heard a Black person say that before.

This is literally going to be one of my next blog posts btw. Do you mind if I share this with our brothers & sisters publicly?

Keith: Post this shit, bruh! With my name too, I’m not hiding.

Man, I ain’t never going to say anything that will disrespect myself or my folks so…

Me: You're amazing brother. AND, to be honest, your support and reassurance drives me as well. Thanks for being an amazing friend and support system.



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