Knock and keep knocking.

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I love Law and Order. The original. Because McCoy rules.

I love the fact that Law and Order is on after my monthly leadership meeting, because I need time to unwind. And McCoy rules.

As I was watching tonight’s binge-a-thon, there was a moment when the “law” had to knock on a suspect’s door — again, and again, and again. To try to get them to come out.

In the end, it was the neighbor, who determined that the suspect wasn’t home.

In the Gospels Jesus tells a story about someone who knocked on their friend’s door in the middle of the night. Because they had unexpected guests and needed bread.

The friend at first refused to answer the door and give them bread.

Because back then, in a one-room house, all the family members would’ve slept on the same pallet. So if one got up, the whole family would’ve been disrupted.

And yet the person kept knocking. And knocking. And knocking.

Heedless of what the neighbors thought. In the middle of the night.

And so Jesus said that the friend finally answered the door, not necessarily because they were the greatest of friends, but because of the persistence (or impudence) of their friend, shamelessly knocking on their door.

After telling this story, Jesus said this:

“Ask, and you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you.”

Growing up, we learned the above verse. Memorized it. But without knowing the context. For asking, seeking, and knocking wasn’t intended to yield immediate results, but were suggested as examples of persistence.

In this Law and Order episode, the detective knocked, knocked, peeked through the mail slot in the door, and then knocked some more. Persistently trying to get the suspect to come out.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, that’s what God would have us do when it comes to our prayers.

Because persistence is the measure of faith.

Would you rather have easy answers?

Would you rather have quick solutions?


But that’s not how life works, nor is it how God works. Nor is it what we should expect of having faith.

Sometimes we have to ask, and ask again. To knock and keep knocking.

Because then the reward is so much greater.

And maybe that’s God’s reason.

And so ask, and keep asking, knowing that it will be given to you.

Seek, and keep seeking, knowing that it will be found.

Knock, and keep knocking, because the door will be opened to you.

For it is only through our persistence that we persevere. And it is only through faith that we trust that there are answers out there, discoveries, and openings.

In God’s time, not ours.

At God’s open door, not ours.

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