So People See Jesus

image: CC0 Public Domain

Indeed, life seems pointless — times spent “chasing the wind” (ala. Ecclesiastes 2.11), wearing oneself out in a pursuit that comes up empty. Running around like a cat chasing its tail, then taking up the chase again after catching it.

Surrounded by things purchased now gathering dust. Realizing the itch of the addiction after the battery has gone dead, or screen has been cracked.

I collect musical instruments. I jam on accordion and shred on ukulele. though I could give myself epic concerts in our den, that would be pointless. So I find ways to use my toys as tools in the ministry, not as grand performer — the Jeff Beck of praise choruses — but simply to serve.

Everything we do, in whatever role we play, we ought to do in service to the Lord.

That’s life’s greater purpose. Or so I believe.

I don’t mind when athlete or actor credits God for their success, as long as they credit God also in their failures.

What does it mean to serve the Lord?

Make God the reason,
Holy Spirit the motivation,
and the love of Jesus the purpose
of everything you do.

Stand out, succeed, fail and try again, not so people see you, but so people see Jesus through you.

Be cute, be funny, the center of attention, not so people see you, but so people see Jesus through you.

Jam, shred, belt, not just to make noise, but to make a joyful noise to the Lord.

Serve and spike, pitch and catch, swing for the fences, swish nothing but net, while living, moving, and being in Christ.

Yes, life can seem pointless, but when we live in a way that points others to Jesus and his love , whatever we do, there is a greater purpose to be found — a deeper joy and sense of satisfaction in knowing that at the end of the day, we have served the Lord, who perhaps has served another, through our devotion.