The Graffiti Gang

foundation of goodness and generosity for the future.

Several months ago, presumably under the cover of night, a group of what I’m assuming were young men, tagged the back alley wall of our property with spray paint. Four letters. Probably the monogram of some gang.

Not long after, another group, so it seems, came by and added three letters of their own. Nothing offensive, really -- not enough to file a police report, just to give them a heads up about possible rival gangs in our neighborhood.

Fast forward to this past week, when another group of young men gathered at the same spot on that alley wall. Except this time, the spray cans held graffiti removal solvent, and the group held buckets and brushes.

These young men use our gym during the week, and their coach volunteered this team to take a break from dribbles and dunks to do something for our congregation. And to learn something about the annoyances caused by those who want to tag random buildings with spray paint.

It was a learning experience -- of giving back to a church who generously offers space for them to learn team skills, but also to their community, by removing an eye sore to anyone walking by.

I share this because this is an extension of our church’s mission to our community, and our obedience to the Gospel.

"Tell them to do good," Paul wrote Timothy, "to be rich in the good things they do, to be generous, and to share with others. When they do these things, they will save a treasure for themselves that is a good foundation for the future"(1Ti 6.18-19 CEB).

That Scripture was lived out this past week in the alley behind our church, and it was part of helping young men form that foundation of generosity and goodness for their future.
God bless you, team. And thanks. And God bless St. John Church for opening its doors that God may open minds and hearts!

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