How To Avoid the Top 5 Location Data Mistakes Restaurants Make

Bad information is the scourge of local search marketing. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to have correct location data for a bar or restaurant and yet so many businesses get it wrong.

My hope is that by sharing this with you that I can help make bad data a thing of the past.


That is the very, very tasty “TM Burger” from Trademark Taste & Grind in NYC. It’s topped with bacon, jalapeno jack cheese, fried pickled onions and special sauce. I highly recommend it. When I went to eat it, I actually had to call the restaurant first because I wasn’t sure after searching on line what time they opened.

Make sure you have the same information listed on these top geolocation sites as well as what is on your website. One little difference between one and another and the search engine web crawlers will move you down the search rank.


Don’t make these mistakes with your restaurant’s location data:

  1. Website does not have easy-to-find location, hours, content and menus.
  2. Website isn’t mobile responsive.
  3. No website at all!
  4. Conflicting data on top-ranking geolocation sites
  5. Multi-unit restaurants don’t have an easy way to browse all locations or a list by state.

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