“We are on a mission to save one million lives”

Episode 2 of Revolution of Necessity is about a startup that is literally saving lives. It shares the story of Temie Giwa-Tubosun, the Founder & CEO of LifeBank. LifeBank is a healthtech startup in Nigeria that helps hospitals find the critical medical supplies that they need and delivers it to them on time and in the right condition. The company began by focusing on blood: it has already delivered more than 10,000 units of blood to hospitals in Lagos.

LifeBank is an important story because healthcare systems in most developing…

Education is super important. It plays a critical role in helping people fulfill their potential and to lead happy and productive lives. Education is especially important in developing countries, where historically the quality and availability of education has been very low.

Technology obviously has the potential to dramatically improve education. Over the last decade, education technology — or edtech — has been booming. The rise of cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile devices, and the falling cost of components has created lots of opportunities for edtech.

The first episode of Revolution of Necessity tells the story of an edtech…

Building a startup is hard. Building a startup in a developing country is a whole new level of hard! But the impact of technology in places like Nigeria and Brazil is potentially much greater than in the US or Europe. Revolution of Necessity is a podcast that tells the stories of entrepreneurs who are innovating in places where technology could genuinely make the world a better place.

Each episode, seasoned entrepreneur david madden interviews the founder of a startup that’s using technology to tackle an important problem. Their tales are inspiring and entertaining and, along the way, they share valuable insights about the particular challenges of building a company in places where the power regularly goes out, the internet is intermittent, but the potential for impact is enormous.

The first episode is coming very soon. Standby!

Revolution of Necessity

Tech Stories That Matter. A podcast that shares the stories of tech entrepreneurs in developing countries. Listen here https://www.revolutionofnecessity.com/

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