Reveel Technologies Wants To Change The Way We Experience TV And Video With An Exciting Free Mobile App.

DALLAS, TX, May 17, 2016 — Reveel Technologies celebrates the announcement of their new website featuring content that highlights the function of its innovative e-commerce app. The new website will contain an improved product video as well as demo content inviting visitors to download and test the app themselves.

With the Reveel app users can scan video content to explore retail products shown on TV, movies, digital boards and more. Reveel is the only solution that allows viewers to interact with video though their smartphone camera. Users can purchase featured products directly from their mobile device. The application is more that just a shopping tool, users can access additional content by interacting with branded video and images.

Using Reveel is easy. Simply look for the Reveel logo, open the app and align the content being scanned within the dashes on your screen. Press the button to reveel. The app quickly scans the material and presents you with a list of all the retail products in the featured video or image. Scroll through the items and select a product to reveal more details or press the “buy” button to purchase. It’s as easy as scan, reveel, buy.

“Reveel started with the idea to help people discover their favorite products and brands”, explains Reveel CEO and Founder, Aljaz Andrejas. “To help companies improve the mobile device as a gateway into digital space, building a bridge between content creators, brands and people.”

The application is a patent pending software solution powered by its advanced video recognition algorithm. The Reveel mobile app can recognize video and print and enables a two-way interaction between the viewer and content creators. For content creators, the Reveel mobile app can provide additional information and entertainment value to viewers. With Reveel, product placements and product sales can be done even during non-commercial TV hours. The free app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Readers are encouraged to watch the updated product video, download the app and explore the demo content at

About Reveel Technologies

Reveel technologies began as a startup founded by two young entrepreneurs — Aljaz Andrejaz and Kristijan Puksic. The company is based in both Dallas, Texas and Maribor, Slovenia. Reveel’s vision is to create real time solutions to finding and buying the products you love. Building an avenue that connects consumers and retailers in the digital mobile marketplace. The application, powered by its own content recognition software, reveals information hidden within visual content.

Alex Kopacka
Marketing Coordinator
Reveel Technologies
1 (313) 330–5398

SOURCE Reveel Technologies

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