Jay, I appreciate the feedback.
Mike Sturm

Perhaps we’re getting off topic. But if I’m not mistaken, and feel free to correct me, you posted this thread out of fear. Fear of not getting the right feedback, whether that was the amount of feedback or quality of feedback. Sure that’s not the same fear as some have of heights, or most people have of death, but it’s fear none the less.

Difficulty then is a relative term, related directly to the ROI you’ve mentioned. If something is difficult but lacks ROI, it’s probably not worth pursuing. But I have to say, if the return you seek is “quality feedback on your writing.” I can’t see how making an email list and then using it would give you poor ROI. And ultimately if doing the work isn’t worth it, why write the article in the first place? I say this to a stranger, because I’d want someone to tell me as well…it again sounds like an excuse to not do what you know would help because it’s difficult.

If you’re looking for monetary ROI, which wasn’t mentioned in the article, then you’re going to want to go back to square one and verify your product or service is something people want. That there is a market for it, and set goals for your ROI.