Being Brutally Honest

It’s always easier to avoid the realities of life and hope/pretend things aren’t as bad as you see. Because we never want to hear /say the bad news. Every one of us have an intuitive inner knowledge which help us in understanding where we are really at. But many a times we won’t open up our intuitions or we won’t openly say the truth. We either sugar coat it or we try to hide it beautifully. Can’t we say it out Loud… Be brutally Honest it really helps

See things as real as it is and try reporting as real as it was

In a tight schedule project and you see things are not really working as you were expecting. But when you report it you normally say “ The Project is challenging and we are trying our level best to makes sure everything is working as expected” But when you say this physiologically you are using different parts of brain to process the same information. When this happens you your self are not convinced and you have to wear a new persona so that you can convince others. There will be a point where you cannot hide the truth anymore and at that time your mind will be fighting with yourself and the persona you put on earlier. When the truth comes out that will be your first hit against you trust.

It gives you self confidence

Stop hiding — When you face the truth you will be closer to the reality. That makes you and the team in a stronger position. “Will it work!!” that is what you are thinking now . I will tell you a story once a captain was sailing with his crew members and he found out his ship is weak and is going to wreak in few nautical miles distance. He decided to call his troop and told then We are in the lonely ocean doing our repetitive work so lets do a mock drill “ . Imagine the ship is going to wreck in few nautical miles. I want to know each and everyone’s idea about how we can save the ship “ The crew came up with all kind of weird ideas which were practically non implementable.

What if he was brutally honest then, he would have said : “Guys I know we all are working our part really great but I found an issue in our engine compartment and that is going to wreck the ship in few nautical miles. Let’s think together and figure out a plan so that we all can reach home safely “. The crew will be terrified for a moment but after a minute they will understand the reality. After taking a deep breath they would be ready to face the reality. This way each will be closer to their self and everyone will be more innovative. Because the human physiology is like that when you face hardships you will be more innovative and will always come up with solutions to overcome the crises.

Say it out loud and accept the reality, that will help yourself. Once you hear the truth you will take a deep breath and you will be ready to face the reality. At that time you will be stronger and you will be ready to take up responsibilities

It gives respect

At first it may not make sense to you, but think about it for a minute. In relationships sometimes you get a strange feeling “Why aren’t they telling me? Something is missing are they hiding something?”. When you start becoming brutally honest people know that you aren’t hiding anything and the sense of trust starts building up.

If someone is treating you this way then you feel good because you know that they are not hiding anything. If a group of people is working towards a common goal it is always better that each and every one is equally (Honestly) informed. So that the drive towards the common goal will increase.

We need respect and trust to run a team

If you cannot build up trust you cannot be a good leader. Trust comes when your words and actions syn up. When you are honest you don’t have anything to hide and physiologically your actions will be natural and will support your words. Once people have trust in you they will be ready to align behind you and they will be motivated enough to capture any goals which you set for them

Difference between Trust and Reliable

When you call someone as reliable? When a person says that he will be able to take up this much amount of work and will be able to finish it on time, when he does that we can categorize him as Reliable but Will you call him Trust worthy? Trust is something which comes when you share commonalities, when you share your feelings, when you share the truths and it builds up when there is more human interactions. As I said earlier when a person finishes work on time he will become reliable but not trust worthy.

“The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie”. Being brutally honest will always help you in becoming a great leader who always inspires the team. The way to practice this is make yourself comfortable in saying the truth. This doesn’t means that you deliver truth and hurt someone, but be empathetic, kind, understanding , caring and trustworthy . This will help you in the long run