11 Ways to Emulate A Great Critical Thinker

As much as Reverse Tide is all about learning curriculums, this is one of those few skills that can’t be learned. There’s no book or tutorial that can get you to become a great critical thinker.

You can, however, make the personal commitment to critical thinking. It’s very difficult. Some people are more likely to do it than others. Sometimes you need a spark or an ah-ha! moment. But it’s possible.

So at the end of this article, you won’t suddenly become a great critical thinker. However, if you work at it and make the commitment, it’s very possible to do. And so we’ll talk about the attributes of a great critical thinker. By emulating them, reading perspectives from top thinkers, and immersing yourself in critical thinking behaviors, it’s very possible to achieve.

So let’s explore this further. What do critical thinkers do that the rest of the population does not? We have 10 attributes…

  1. Critical thinkers never take someone’s word for it. It doesn’t matter who the person is; they need evidence to truly believe something. And even if evidence is presented, it only furthers a theory rather than an absolute fact.
  2. Critical thinkers only believe in an idea’s merit. Someone being older, wealthier, more famous, more accomplished, or higher in hierarchical title means nothing. Ideas are accepted, rejected, or explored deeper based on its merit only.
  3. Critical thinkers don’t accept conventional wisdom. They know that as we discover better ways to do things, conventional wisdom will perpetually change.
  4. Critical thinkers aren’t guided by emotion. Emotion is perfectly fine (and obviously human), however, should not be the basis of decision.
  5. Critical thinkers lead and don’t follow. A good leader considers expert perspective and then make decisions based on this. You’ll often see critical thinkers going against the herd.
  6. Critical thinkers are confident, yet humble. They know there’s so many different subjects they don’t know (and often have a good idea of which ones). However, they also have confidence in the skills and knowledge they do have.
  7. Critical thinkers don’t let others define who they are. It doesn’t matter if it’s friends, family, bosses, or anything else. Titles are meaningless, whereas, accomplishment and character are the important things.
  8. Critical thinkers don’t get involved in silly debates. Much of the political and social discourse of the masses is silly. Critical thinkers don’t waste time on silliness.
  9. Critical thinkers are solution oriented. They don’t blame others for problems or spend endless time trying to figure out what it is. They identify problems and then immediately go into solution mode (and their solutions are usually quite sound).
  10. Critical thinkers listen and think more than they speak. That’s why it’s called “thinking”. Really good critical thinkers don’t feel the need to constantly speak… because when they do, they’ll often get a lot of attention or even be paid money to do it.
  11. Critical thinkers usually don’t bother with lists like these. They already know they’re great critical thinkers. They don’t need validation from a Top 10 list.

In my experience, much less than 1% of the population can attest to doing all eleven of these things. And those that do go on to accomplish amazing things. Like any other skill, however, some are better at it than others. So if you do 8/11, you’re still doing quite well. And if you’re only doing a small number, you can work hard to improve.

The reason I wrote this list is that I wish more people would think critically about their lives. At Reverse Tide, we focus on critical thinking in learning, careers, and lifestyle. We believe that so much more is possible when you brush aside conventional wisdom and really consider how to improve yourself.

For more on these subjects, check out our site and subscribe to our various communication channels. We want to explore each in so much more detail and build the benefits into YOUR life. Link — Reverse Tide


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