Google remove page rank score from its toolbar

Earlier this week Google announced the removal of its page rank score from its toolbar, a feature which is widely known in the industry as the one which introduced masses of link spamming.

Page rank, a number between 1 and 10, was a publicly viewable number which allowed individuals to see how well Google ranked their website, with 10 being the best and 1 the worst. Although for the general user this was a fairly pointless feature, for SEO companies and agencies it was a goldmine, as this was an easy way to determine how well Google liked a page. If you’re page had a low page rank — how to increase it? By getting links with those with a high page rank.

And so the age of link spamming began.

Everywhere you went around the web which had a comments section inevitably would be spammed with hundreds of terrible, often auto-generated posts which would then have a link to a site hoping to gain page rank and therefore higher rankings in Google. Despite Google’s repeated stance that this was bad practice, companies were obsessed with page rank and would even pay thousands of pounds for a link on a site that had a good one.

Google hated this. They had introduced a system whereby positions in Google were basically bought instead of earned, and so they enforced strict penalties on sites who were believed to be buying links solely for the purpose of increasing their rankings in Google. As for the link spamming in comments section, now mostly all of these are attributed as ‘no follow’, so Google place no importance on these links, but you still do see some crop up from time to time.

Despite Google removing page rank from public view, it will still be an important part of its ranking algorithm, albeit internally, and it’s also much more complex than just a simple number between 1 and 10. As we all know by now, the best way of improving your success in search rankings is by simply creating relevant, fresh content on a regular basis.

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