Eco Fish

We’re proud to work with companies that have a passion for increasing access to tech and decreasing their own footprints. According to Patrick Frend, the East Region President of Razorfish and liaison for our program there, “Revivn is a game changer; it transforms the way that people think about the disposal of electronic devices and our responsibilities as a rapidly-advancing technological society.”

As a digital agency, our friends at Razorfish are more aware than most of the positive impact that technology can have for those who normally can’t access it. Like most of us, Razorfish’s New York employees had been storing their old devices at home because they didn’t know how to clear the data or cleanly recycle them.

We set up recycling stations in Razorfish’s office for employees to bring in their old devices — mainly cell phones and laptops. We were able to repurpose several of the devices and use them to provide technology for a community center in Indonesia, a digital media startup in Uganda, and students in Queens.

Patrick explained why the program is important for his company’s social responsibility: “Razorfish is a global company and it is important for us to have a positive impact both internationally and locally,” he said. “If it weren’t for Revivn, our old electronic devices would be sitting in a drawer or a landfill, rather than helping those in need.”

A partnership that was intended to be a month-long repurposing drive has become much more. Razorfish employees are continuing to update their personal technology, so we have now placed a permanent recycling station in their office to capture the leftovers and give them new purpose. The program has inspired Razorfish to create “Eco Fish,” a national program to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

We asked Patrick what his favorite thing has been about working with Revivn: “I know exactly where our electronics are going and who they are helping, the methods that are being used to wipe electronics of personal data, and that John and Anthony [Revivn’s CEOs] always put the company first.”

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