Onyait’s Story

We donated a laptop from one of our corporate partners to a Ugandan entrepreneur. He writes about the impact on his business and his life.

Jun 27, 2014 · 2 min read

My name is Onyait Odeke from Uganda.

I am a lawyer, photographer, marketing student and entrepreneur. I run a media and technology news startup I co-founded called Dignited. Think of us as The Verge or TheNextWeb, but within the African context, and just starting up. Our vision is to be the “Spotlight For African Innovation”.

With all startups, the journey to sustainability and monetization can be very uncertain. You become a jack of all trades, doing many different jobs just to keep things running. One of the biggest challenges in running a startup is managing scarce or sometimes non-existent resources for maximum output.

My savings weren’t enough to buy a laptop while keeping the startup afloat, but I needed a laptop to help me do my job.

As an online tech blog, Dignited has to have a consistent stream of content flowing through so as to maintain a critical mass of traffic. This means that I am constantly researching, writing and editing to try to meet my content goals. Imagine doing this without access to a computer!

That’s where Revivn came in and offered me a laptop. This was just a life saver. I can now work anytime even in the early mornings when electricity often goes out, or when I need to break technology news.

Because I have access to a laptop, I can now make my startup the best it can be. Dignited is helping to educate and advance the tech sector in Africa, and it wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of Revivn.


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