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Simon Cohen

wow … amazing how quickly you managed to come up with an emotional response, cherry picked a few words from Taleb’s essay, and built a false analogy on top of your own “absence of evidence -vs- evidence of absence” Straw-man interpretation (e.g.: as opposed to understanding and maybe “refuting the central point” — per Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement)

But going back to your original statement: “Unfortunately, in this election, people who voted for Trump, voted third party, or didn’t vote at all, all helped Trump win. Everyone knew the stakes, and this was the wrong time to decide to vote non-strategically

What totalitarians and hardcore establishment supporters like yourself don’t get (in most part because of their inflated sense of entitlement, innate narcissism and propensity to live in tinny echo-chambers where diversity of ideas is totally absent) is that not everyone’s principles are for sale (especially when the “price” being offered is nothing but your tribe/sect’s self-serving, condescending, hollow and self-righteous bullshit rhetoric). In your specific case, if the Democratic high-priestess of identity politics truly cared about strategy … they should have encouraged the DEM voters to vote for Gary Johnson :) … I mean how about (for once in their life) they really practice what they preach to others (e.g.: vote “strategically”, you know, just this once — to avoid what we think will be a disaster, because everyone knows the stakes and this is the wrong time to vote non-strategically) :-)

Anyway, I’m one of the millions who have decided not to vote this year. And the more I read the hysterical post-election discussions, the more I think I did the right thing (and to use the same level of hyperbole and silly generalizations you guys are using: sometimes, not choosing between Hitler and Stalin is the only right thing to do) :-)

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